In How to Be Idle, Tom Hodgkinson presents his learned yet whimsical argument for a new universal standard of living: being happy doing nothing. He covers a. How to be Idle is Tom Hodgkinson’s entertaining guide to reclaiming your right to be idle. As Oscar Wilde said, doing nothing is hard work. Buy How to be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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It is humorous and admirable, a dutiful effort for a book on idleness.

How to Be Idle

The main things that kept me reading were the curiosity of how he managed to get in this carefree position generational wealth? Leisure and loafing will take care of the rest.

There will be another one. Did you know that in it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking? Hpw have never really understood the desire to blow wads of money traveling around the country on days off.

May 06, Jafar rated it it was ok. Chesterton and, of course, that icon of British foppery, Oscar Wilde. He was educated at Westminster School.

The tone is affable and amusing, albeit avowedly masculine this is my only real quibble. Hodginkinson takes a hard look at English history and comes up with some sharp observations of how we managed to get into the mess we are in. I trust fulfilling this dream in the U. The guilt associated with not working so many hours per week, or needing to Within the one broad theme of ‘Idleness’, Hodgkinson manages to encompass so many neglegted yet important facets of life.


This book counterbalances workplace anxiety and ambition, and reminds us that we should never, ever feel guilty for relaxing, because that’s what makes life good. All of us just want to appreciate the time of now, why be bother by that silly thing called ” work “? The best parts of this for me were the parts where the author identifies a historical tradition of idling via famous writers and philosophers.

The whole book is soaked with nostalgia for the turn-of-the-century English gentleman’s lifestyle; Hodgkinson defends his arguments by quoting Jerome K. Tom understands that capitalism traps people but then turns around and acts like it’s no big feat to ide yourself from it. But their time was their own. To ask other readers questions about How to Be Idleplease sign up.

Not to mention, a lot of the poets he was idealizing had a very short life expectancy. It splits the day into two halves, making each half more manageable and enjoyable. Drugs and booze have their own set of problems, which the author acknowledges and even he had to admit that his rave days have been over for years. If you get around to it. Like, congrats on living your dream, but: Give me the odle austere life of a contemplative hermit, than the hard partying hedonist. It would be difficult to follow the day as prescribed by Hodgkinson– each chapter explores the cult The quality of your life and the quality of your happines deserve to be high.


The prodigious amount of anecdotes hodvkinson quotes Hodgkinson has culled from the most obscure chambers of Anglo-American literary and labor history is especially impressive.

Trivia About How to Be Idle. Our need to work less and play more is justified in a very well written book using examples and quotes from some great thinkers through history.

How to Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson

But the essays that worked, or should I say “idled”, really sparkled. A nap is a perfect pleasure and it’s useful, too.

Refresh and try again. How much easier it is to work in the morning if we know we have a nap to look forward to after lunch; and how much more pleasant the late afternoon and evening become after a little sleep. It’s a collection of 24 essays, one for each hour of the day, and almost half of the essays left me cold.

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