Why not just use the Create Archive action rather than shell scripting? I don’t use Automator, but I have a solution that I use to zip files. Every day I use a handy service created with Automator to resize images exported from 4K footage to a smaller size. It’s easy to resize images. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Automator app to create a simple service that will have you resizing images in just a couple of.

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Open up the Automator tl it’s located in your Applications folderand make a new Workflow. When you add this action, Automator will tell you that it will replace the images you use as input, and ask if you want to add a Copy Finder Items action to keep the originals. A user over on the Macworld forums wanted to compress a number of individual files into separate zip archives.

I want to only include files, or just from the closest parent directory. What’s New in the Forums? The command that I want to use is as follows: Automator tells you that this workflow receives files and folders as input. Powered by the Parse. Note For App Store Users: May 9, 4: Create a zip file using an Automator Service Ask Question.

Quickly compress images with Automator (Mac)

This site is not responsible for what they say. Sep 17, 2: If there are tens or hundreds of images, wouldn’t it be great to automate the process? Ok, I can get automator to go into a folder, get the files ending in.

Tk you need help finding the action, you can quickly search for it in the search field. Here is where I sit right now I’ve decided to just work manually since my volume is fairly low at this point. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. Zip multiple files into individual archives via Automator Authored by: This seems to work, but it only works if you select an entire folder and run the automator scrpt from there, otherwise if you select individual files it actually searches each file for folders and zips the files within the “package contents”: The Mac Security Blog.


If, for example, you want to scale images to px, enter that in the text field.

Zip multiple files into individual archives via Automator – Mac OS X Hints

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In particular, if there’s a way to structure this so it works with folders as well as files, I’d be interested in seeing how that works. Nope, two different sizes, but that may just be the differences on having not having hidden files.

Use the Add… button on the Finder action to select your images. I can do it manually, it’s just very time consuming and means I have to babysit auhomator ‘puter the whole time.

At the top of the right hand pane, choose Service receives selected image files in Finder.

LeeH on Aug 05, ’07 Also, would like to stip the path out of the zip file just to the folder level. In OS X, if you select a number of files and use the Create Archive command, it compresses all those files into one large archive.

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Using Automator and AppleScript to compress a folder full of JPEG files Maybe you have a folder full of JPEG images that you want to re-compress so that they aren’t taking up so much room on your disk, or maybe you’re delivering them over the web and you don’t want to use up all of your bandwidth.


If you’d rather have the archives expand into their current directory, change the zip command above to this: Visit other IDG sites: Lri Why would you click more and type more, yow there would be a way to do the same job by a couple of clicks? Nano 7 – backgrounds If hw going to use this in a critical process, I suggest testing it extensively first. And your images will be written into the ti folder as the originals, with “-exported. I use a workflow with the following script, which does the following: Note that zip will include full directory structure information by default, so when you unzip hse new archive, the files will each expand into a series of folders created as necessary that match where they were originally found.

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I would love it if this action worked, it would be perfect as i agree, i would like the extra compression afforded by it, however it simply does not work. The term workflow best describes what you create within the Automator app, even if you save it as something else. A solution that works on Leopard by running an AppleScript instead of a Shell script can be found here: One of the little known tools available in macOS that can save you lots of time is Tk.

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