Hi, I am also in same boat got g from chennai consulate interview happend is like now no updates from bit tessed. Thanks. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study . I got H1B visa stamped in Chennai consulate. After working. On Saturday, December 29, , from p.m. until p.m. (Washington, DC time), CEAC will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Users will.

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F1 Visa Interview – PhD in Agronomy – 221g White Slip – US Consulate Hyderabad

Be alert to submit ur passport. Usually an email to the consulate will result in a generic response in the following format: It might be a good idea to have the attorney or legal firm who filed your visa to contact USCIS or department of state about the status of the case. I am doing good too sir. Posted August 30, I have submitted them and then they asked hdyerabad to attended the interview again and asked for my Employer tax returns for which were available since they condulate taken extension till August consulte file taxes.

Refused is different from rejected. Is there anybody who got their visa approved in cases as such? Labor Iinformed that this is not going to impact on Visa stamping. Worrying will not get you anywhere other than depression.

Interview went well but at the end of the interview. May 3, at 1: I have applied to tourist visa from nigeria lagos. Thank you in Advance.

I dont want any surprises. I asked him this thing because one of my friend and several of HSB followers mentioned that they had to submit everthing there only.


My concern is to study in USA and also take my family along but I do not have the resources to complete my education for three to four years duration and maintain my large family all at a go. The VO took my education loan sanction letter and said they would need some more information about my loan they did not take my passport.

June 20, at 5: December 22, at It might also be helpful if your employer can contact the consulate with a strong supporting letter highlighting the importance of your work and how badly the company needs you back in US. Even I took them for interview.

My husband had an interview on February consulaate, in Guangzhou, China for an immigrant visa and he got a white g form about some missing documents.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thanks for the info. This happens to be the same as 2. I am so confused and my colleagues own says that whenever they get the petition they should send it with there passport to Dhl. It been 6wks after my submission and there is no update as of 30 Aug Should you however have your wife working in the US while you are in school then you give you and your family a chance of survival during your hdyerabad in the states… this will largely depend on your needs and general expenses.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

Please shear your experience. Sibin on July 25, at 6: Please feel free to ask for any other information. VO asked thrice regarding this during interview. In interview time say consular me ur interview ok. So it might be helpful to appear for the interview a year before the expiry of H1B petition. I consulats 13th August a date by which I would have received all documents.


G white slip Hyderabad consulate Jul – H1B : Visa Stamp – Murthy Law Firm

January 24, at 4: Contact the immigration attorney who had filed your case and discuss your situation and the possible responses Contact consulate to find out about your case ID or diplomatic pouch number If any documents or information has been submitted hyderabas with consulate that they have been recieve First 60 days If the consulate has given you a questionnaire complete it as soon as possible and return it.

January 24, at 6: Regarding your case, I am a bit confused. Nothing was told to me at the time of interview.

Remember, you come from a Country which is under US security scanners for many bad things; nothing bad, just that you can expect extra suspicion from the VO and you may have to answer some unpleasant questions.

The VO has been frank and told you exactly what is the problem in issuing you a visa. January 30, at 1: What about if there is no online program??

I got email from consulate acknowledging the receipt of the questionnaire and documents on 19 Jul. You advice is very much appreciated!

I have been checking status on my DS and the Administrative Processing status is not changing. No, if you can. Sent my reports on Aug 10th. I also have all document except the affidavit of support. The Americans are straight forward so you should start thinking like them.

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