Equinox T, T and T (formerly Hypercom Optimum). Contents . If your terminal is set to manually settle, select Settle from the main menu and. Hypercom T Terminal Guide Hypercom T Terminal Guide. How to Batch verified. Merchant has option to manually deposit check. If this happens. Hypercom T PEDPack Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hypercom T PEDPack Quick Reference Manual, Quick Manual.

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If the sales total is incorrect, touch NO. Step-by-Step To add points to a loyalty card: The voided transaction does not appear on the cardholder credit card statement.

Equinox / Hypercom t User Manual |

The Merchant receipt starts printing if Preprint is mxnual in Term-Master. The default is Step-by-Step To perform a transaction in the Lodging Processing mode: SALE The terminal connects to the host. SALE Thirty seconds after a transaction is completed or when you press the Cancel key, the terminal returns to the Idle prompt. Step-by-Step To set the date and time: The following procedure describes a transaction requiring MICR information only.

Step-by-Step To enable Training Mode: This chapter includes the following topics: See Chapter 4, “Access Control” to enable or disable password protection. Also use manual entry for cases when the card is not presented, such as mail or telephone orders.


Equinox / Hypercom t4220 User Manual

Additional host-generated prompts and responses may occur in each procedure. You must enter the loyalty card screen to access the functions. Step-by-Step To perform a paper check verification: A single acquirer terminal dials the acquirer telephone number.

There are also provisions for limiting access to handset or telephone options. Function 61 Establish discount percentages to apply to tips. The Industry Canada IC label identifies certified equipment. The terminal should not allow the tender amount to be less than the sale amount. Step-by-Step To perform a Balance Inquiry: Step-by-Step To issue a loyalty card: Verify that the total is correct, then touch YES.

Function 78 Step-by-Step To view or clear a server or cashier report: Follow the steps outlined in the procedure. Step-by-Step To enable or disable communication information display: You can configure a card to block refunds of a specific issuer. They provide utilities to change the password and enable or disable password protection for certain terminal operations. Touch the port where the check reader or imager is attached.

The terminal connects to the host. Every effort was made to supply complete and correct information. If the customer decides to swipe the card at the terminal, the operator enters Function 31 to toggle the swipe to the terminal.

As you or a customer swipes the card through the magnetic card reader, or as you enter the PAN personal account number manually, the terminal selects the transaction type manuxl displays the name entered in the initialization options for the card range. The terminal beeps and waits for more data if you enter a number that is too short.


Function 93 Log the terminal onto the host to request the encrypted working keys for the PIN pad. To adjust, press YES.

Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Manuals

They show the typical flow of financial transactions on the T7Plus terminal. Step-by-Step To redeem points on a loyalty card: Important statements draw attention to information crucial to using the POS software successfully.

When it locates the invoice number in the current batch, the terminal enters Batch Review mode and displays the specified transaction. Function 2 Batch Settlement [Settle] Reconcile terminal totals with host totals. You can also select Card Verify for card verification.

Initialization does not erase this text. The terminal supports up to servers.

The terminal requires server identification. S indicates the shift number. The step-by-step procedures use the following abbreviations: The performance results are: Batch Review [Review] Review each captured transaction in the current batch.

Step Terminal response Action Press the Void key.

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