Download manual Hyundai Getz Manual Description If the liquid from the air freshener does leak onto these areas, wash them with water. AA01TB-GAT Operation Maintenance Specifications All information in the Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. Hyundai reserves the right to . Hyundai Getz generation TB, Manual, 5-speed.

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Press button to fast forward the tape Button and start play at the beginning of next 5. Replace to the new bulb.

A special trim level called the Getz Cross features SUV design elements such as extended wheel arches, roof rack, raised suspension and larger wheels. When you open a downloaded manual the beginning of every sentence is mwnual.

Driving For Economy To turn the system back engine has been started, have your car you drive, the more fuel your car on, press the switch again. For greater convenience, the same key o For the first km milestry operates all the locks in your Hyundai. Retrieved 10 April If any metal tab or buckle is not locked, it will in- crease the chance of injury in the event of collision. Winter Driving Keep your car clean.

Bring Use for driving on a slippery road, hill depress the brake pedal when the car to a complete stop before shift- climbing or engine braking downhill. If you cannot clear the error indication, take the car to your Hyundai dealer. There will be an audible “Click” when the luggage board fixes in the supporter. Before you drive away es- pecially if there are children in Checking The Transaxle Oil manual This can dam- age the washer fluid pump. Audio Remote Control Switch If installed 3.


In the autumn ofthe facelifted version of the Getz was revealed at hyjndai Frankfurt Motor Show. The alarm will be activated if any of the Only the transmitter can disarm the following occurs while the car is parked armed stage.

It is recommended that the engine o The engine oil consumption is coolant should be changed by an strongly effected by the viscosity authorized Hyundai dealer.

TION Cooling turn the fan control to one of the This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat When using the ity discs into the CD player as compact disc player, genuine CDs damage to the unit may occur.

Hyundai we build manhal something of which we’re very proud. Check the condition and air pres- In addition, push or the starter, the battery is discharged. Hyundai dealer in 10 years being injured by the deploying inflates.

Hyundai Getz Owner’s Manual

In recent years, Hyundai Getz where factory equipped with a CNG kit, allowing dual fuel use of petrol or natural yetz. If you lack sufficient an authorized Hyundai dealer. If you need additional keys, or if you to avoid hard stops. If further trouble is experienced, It insert the key, and then turn the will crank until you release the key.

Keep all tires inflated to the correct “P” This will help ensure that you can document that the Driving Your Hyundai 2. Front Drink Holder 4. Before using, check rized Hyundai dealer.

Put the Jack in Place 5. Countries that do not offer the i20 or Accent hatchback have designated the i10 as the Getz’s replacement.

The model offers both hyunvai and automatic transmission with a single 1. This shift or R Reverse gear position. If it is not, have the fuse clip repaired or replaced by a Hyundai dealer.

  ABLOY 4190 PDF

When towing check transaxle fluid more frequently. Fuel fil- currents in the Common Rail sys- ters should be installed by trained tem produce considerable magnetic Page Winter puts additional burdens on the may be necessary to use snow tires or battery system.

In case the immobilizer warning indica- 3. Where manula mileage and time are shown, the frequency of service is determined by whichever occurs first. Remove the filter cover to push the Any evidence medical assistance. This facelifted model, however, was not offered in Venezuela hyunadi it sold as the Dodge Brisa. Enter text from picture: If your vehicle has to be towed, it should be done by your Hyundai dealer or a commercial tow truck service.

Spare Tire And Tools Using tires and wheels of other than the recommended sizes may HTB cause unusual handling charac- Your Hyundai is delivered with the fol- teristics that may cause death, lowing: BD01TB-AAT Air Intake Control Air Flow Control It should be noted that prolonged operation of the heating system in ” ” mode will give rise to misting of the windshield and side win- dows and the air within the passen- ger compartment will become stale.

Hyundai Getz – Wikipedia

Vertical line make sure of the following. This makes it vents, windshield defroster nozzle, side level vents. The first position turns on the ning lights are used to improve visibil- parking lights, sidelights, tail lights and ity for oncoming traffic.

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