Silver Sword [Ian Serraillier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOKS. The Silver Sword study guide contains a biography of Ian Serraillier, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full. The Silver Sword has ratings and reviews. Kellyn said: Escape from Warsaw by Ian Serraillier, originally titled The Silver Sword, is the advent.

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But the story transcends the limitations of the writer and now, as a father, the thought of the plight of separated children affects me much more deeply than it would have done as a child. His silve, Margrit, and three children Ruth aged nearly 14, Edek 11, and Bronia 3 are left behind to fend for themselves and survive.

A quick and easy serrzillier. Queen of Air and Darkness Cassandra Clare. Probably, but it wouldn’t have become a favourite, one silveer those books I read again and again. Retrieved 20 March The plot in gripping and harrowing and gives you a real sense of how war can effect even the youngest, most innocent of children in such an extreme way. They arrived at a refugee camp, but Jan soon went missing in pursuit of an escaped chimpanzee, which had managed to flee from the zoo. They were one of the elements of the book I remember the most.

It made me appreciate the serraillier and people for silvee and what they are. If you meet Ruth or Edek or Bronia, you must tell them I’m going to Switzerland to find their mother. The old man travels with him for the first part of the journey, after which Joseph ventures on alone. It was one of the first books I ever chose for myself to read and the story has remained with me as a favourite book from childhood. He continued as co-editor of the series until the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in the early s.

It was followed by several more adventure stories of treasure and spies.

She said that it was a story set during World War 2. He gave her various supplies and became a good friend. I found this writing truly spellbinding, each word gripped me and I long for this book to last a little longer.

He then heads to his hometown of Warsaw. He eventually managed to find out that Edek was in Posenhaving escaped from the German labour camp where he had been held. I gave it four stars because I would have liked more war time experiences of the kids in Warsaw and possibly how the father managed to get to Switzerland during the hostilities.


All of this was something new for the young adults of the day. The children, intent on reaching the River Danubepaddled along the Falkenberg River and overcame a series of hazards, including an encounter with a soldier who fired a few rounds at Ruth and Bronia. Feb 04, Grant Stevens rated it really liked it. This edition is part of the Vintage Children’s Classics series which is aimed at and shaped by swoed olds, and the adults in their lives.

The characters have definite strengths and weaknesses, and grow quite a bit over the years. Santa’s High-tech Christmas Mike Dumbleton.

I would recommend this one to any child who has the reading ablitity to read it. Better in many ways, then the perfectly happy ending, I loved that the author still left the reader with some hard things to digest and dealt honestly with his characters.

Sereaillier About Ian Serraillier.

Vintage Classics an imprint of Vintage Format: My granddaughter swrraillier 12 brought this book home from school. He became an English teacher and it was during this period that his first published work appeared, in the form of poetry for both adults and children. The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier.

The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier – review

The silver sword became the symbol of hope and courage which kept four deserted and starving children alive through the years of occupation, and afterwards on the search to find their parents, and is based on a true story.

Jan eventually returned to the others, and along with Ruth he obtained a temporary job. The illness finally contributed towards his death in November at the age of It is a wonderful story with a happy ending and that grates a little because so many did not have the fortune or ending that these children experience I enjoyed this book – it was obvious that it was more appropriate for youngsters but it was well written, the story flowed and it held my interest to the end -if my nephew’s read more of the written word I think they would enjoy it and give them a perspective of a troubled time and kids who had next to nothing and were searching for their parents.

Although this is a childhood classic, it’s still a good read as an adult. Published in the ‘s, it has language simple enough for modern children to understand unlike children’s books published in the first half of the 20th century or earlierso that is great if you are a child or reading to a child. Serraillier was best known for his children’s books, especially The Silver Sworda wartime adventure story which was adapted for television by the BBC in and again in This is a very brief and easy-to-read story about children trying to reconnect with their parents after being separated during the second World War.


The Silver Sword

The boy, Edek, attempts to save his mother by firing his rifle at the Germans occupying their town, Story The story te a family of Polish refugees making their way from the capital of Warsaw to the safety of their grandparents home in Swogd, and reunite with their captive parents just after the events of the Second World War.

Quite a few students were also struggling with the new language and although this was written for younger students in mind I think it was a good choice at the time. It was on the shelves of every library I visited and I visited a lot of libraries when I was young and, because its author’s surname began with ‘S’ like Malcolm Saville, a favourite of mine, I’d always see it there, pull it out, read the blurb again and, always, decide, ‘No, I don’t think I will read this. Ian Serraillier was a British novelist and poet.

See all 8 questions about The Silver Sword….

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Trivia About Escape From Warsaw. He joked that a hyena and a bear were in the back of his truck, but when he opened the back of the truck, Jan and the dog, Ludwig, were inside.

The Silver Sword – Wikipedia

This was a very sweet book that would be a good introduction for children serrailljer the horrors of World War II. Jan is another of the many Warsaw war orphans who somehow had met their father, and then fainted near the bombed out basement which served as home for the siblings, and was taken in by them.

I’d recommend it to anyone of any age:

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