Bogie Bolster Suspension: The bolster rests on the bolster coil .. 2 nos. of lateral shock absorber are being provided in ICF Bogie to be utilized. Roll and it’s Prevention. ❑ Effect of roll on human body. ❖ Type of roll: UCR and LCR. ❑ Prevention not available in ICF bogie. ❑ Anti-Roll bar mechanism in LHB . ICF Bogie – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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The downward movement of the Axle box guide puts pressure on the oil in the lower spring seat.

It is a double Y-shaped member fabricated using steel tubes and sheets. Even the old type bogies are being converted into BMBC coaches.

Unsourced material may be challenged and boogie. Views Read Edit View history. The anchor link is fixed to the bogie bolster and the bogie frame with the help of steel brackets welded to the bogie bolster and the bogie frame.

On the top of spring seat, a polymer ring called NFTC ring sits. A silent block, which is cylindrical metal rubber bonded structure, is placed in the central ivf of the bogie bolster through which the center pivot pin passes. This provides the dampening of vibration in a running coach.

Moreover, the provision of the liners below bogiw Hytrel washers will not stop the damage to the lower spring seat and the protective tube.


However, the clearances of the protective tube and the outer dia of the proposed conical section at the top of the lower spring seat needs to be taken care of.


Based on load carrying capacity per axle, the conventional bogie frames are grouped into two types.

It is not bolted or welded either to the bogie frame or the bogie bolster. The washers also had to be replaced in the coaching maintenance depots leading to lifting and lowering of coaches. The lower spring beam is a fabricated structure made of steel plates. They washers were also increasing the diameter of the spring seating due to continuous hitting of the raised section of the sitting area. The bottom of the axle box guide has a guide cap with perforations so that during the downward movement of the axle guide in the lower spring seat, the oil in the dashpot rushes in the axle box guide.

Hence, the lower spring beam also become a floating member hinged to the bogie frame with the help of hangers on the top and the bottom.

The axle box guide, which is welded to the bogie frame has a polymer washer homopolymer acetal guide bush fixed at the head.

ICF coaches

The primary spring sits on the NFTC ring. The inner section of the lower spring beam is connected to the bogie bolster with the help of an equalizing stay rod.

The lower spring seat acts as a cylinder and the axle box guide acts as a piston. Introduction of Hytrel washers was considered a breakthrough in the ICF dashpot design. As described above, the rubber washers sit directly on the axle box spring sitting area.

The lower spring seat plays the role of a cylinder in the dashpot arrangement and is filled with oil. Hence on examination of the failed axle boxes, it was noticed that the Hytrel washers were forming a deep groove of 4 to 8mm on the seating area of the axle box spring seating. The rubber washer is used directly on the axle box seating area. The reason was the axle box wing cracks.


ICF coaches – Wikipedia

Provide a conical arrangement above the rim of the lower spring seat up to half the height of the dashpot cover. A BSS pin is placed in the bogle section in the end portion of the lower spring beam. The primary suspension in an ICF coaches is through a dashpot arrangement.

These two components act as piston rings for the axle box guide.

A sealing ring is placed near the washer and performs the function of a piston ring. These wheels and axles are machined in the various railway workshops in the wheels shops and pressed together. The reason for replacement of the rubber washers with the hytrel washers was that the rubber washers were not lasting for the full Periodic overhaul cycle of the Railway Coaches which was one year.

A rubber washer is placed at the grooved section. At times, imported wheels are also used. The problem of spilling of oil from the dashpot is as old as the design itself. However, the mass scale replacement of the rubber washers by Hytrel washers without adequate trials lead to massive failure of the axle Box housing.

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