The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April , amended by the Protocol and further revised in LL69 Interpretation to ICLL Reg. Rev.1 July LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design. Jan LL71 Similar Stage of. Rev.1 Nov LL Position of freeboard deck on float on/float off barge carriers. (Regulation 3(9)). Rev.1 July LL Interpretation to ICLL Reg.

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This increase shall be two-thirds of the fore and aft extent of the curvature. Allowance for fresh water for all freeboards other than timber The upper edge of the deck line from which these freeboards are measured is In position 2 it shall be at least millimetres 15 inches.

International Convention on Load Lines – Wikipedia

EngvarB from May Use dmy dates from May Every reference to the present Convention constitutes at the same time a reference to the Annexes. Any such ship shall, however, comply with safety requirements, which, in the opinion of that Administration, are adequate for the service for which it is intended and are such as to ensure the overall safety of the ship and which are acceptable to the Governments of the States to be visited by the ship.

Type “A” ships 2 A Type “A” ship is one which is designed to carry only liquid cargoes in bulk, and in which cargo tanks have only small access openings closed by watertight gasketed covers of steel or equivalent material. Issued under the provisions of the International Convention on Load Line s, under the authority of the Government of.

International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (ICLL 1966)

The arithmetical mean of the excess or deficiency in the forward and after halves measures the excess of deficiency of sheer.

The other courses shall be not more than millimetres 15 inches apart. Permanente link Article 32 Territories Ingangsdatum: The above formula provides a curve in the form of a parabola tangent to the actual sheer curve at the freeboard deck and intersecting the end ordinate at a point below the superstructure deck a distance equal to the standard height of a superstructure.

Permanente link Article 13 Surveys and Marking Ingangsdatum: Saigon is to be considered as being on the boundary line of the Tropical Zone and the Seasonal Tropical Area. The maximum curvature which may be taken into account in determining this increase is one-half the breadth of the superstructure at the point of intersection of the curved end of the superstructure with its side.


Relaxations from these requirements may be granted to a ship to which a greater than minimum freeboard is assigned on condition that the Administration is satisfied with the safety conditions provided.

International Convention on Load Lines

Portable beams 6 Where portable beams for supporting hatchway covers are made of mild steel the strength shall be calculated with assumed Loads not iclll than 1. Permanente link Article 26 Communication of Information Ingangsdatum: There are corrections for block coefficient, depth, superstructure, trunks and sheer.

When the renewal survey is completed, the new certificate shall be valid to a date not exceeding 5 years from the date of expiry icll the existing certificate before the extension was granted. The northern boundary of jcll area is the southern boundary of the Tropical Zone.

The forward and after perpendiculars shall be taken at the forward and after ends of the length L. The first International Convention on Load Lines, adopted inwas based on the principle of reserve buoyancy, although it was recognized then that the freeboard should also ensure adequate stability and avoid excessive stress on the ship’s hull as a result of overloading.

Such certificate shall be subject to a renewal, endorsement, extension and cancellation procedure similar to that provided for an International Load Line Certificate under this article. The timber shall be stowed as solidly as possible to at least the standard height of the superstructure. Permanente link Article 08 Equivalents Ingangsdatum: Eye plates and lashings shall be icpl 0.

Article 17 Issue of Certificate by another Government 1 A Contracting Government may, at the request of another Contracting Government, cause a ship to be surveyed and, if satisfied that the provisions of the present Convention are complied with, shall issue or authorize the issue of an International Load Line Certificate to the ship in accordance with the present Convention.

Distinctive number or letters. Icl ships of metres feet and under in length: Type “B” ships 5 All ships which do not come within the provisions regarding Type “A” ships in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Regulation shall be considered as Type “B” ships.

Aden and Berbera are to be considered as being on the boundary line of the Tropical Zone and the Seasonal Tropical Area. Breadth of hatchway of trunk in relation to the breadth of ship.


The marks shall be plainly visible and, if necessary, special arrangements shall be made for this purpose. Such a ship necessarily has the following inherent features: It shall not interfere in any way with the navigation and necessary work of the ship. Position 2 Upon exposed superstructure decks situated abaft a quarter of the ship’s length from the forward perpendicular and located at least one standard height of superstructure above the freeboard deck.

A timber deck cargo may be regarded as giving a ship a certain additional buoyancy and a greater degree of protection against the sea. The freeboard assigned is the distance measured vertically downwards amidships from the upper edge of the deck line to the upper edge of the related Load line.

Where the bulkhead is not intact, the raised quarter deck shall be treated as a poop of less than 196 height. However, small access openings with watertight covers may be permitted in the freeboard deck; c a permanent working platform fore and aft fitted with guard rails is provided by the trunk deck, or by detached trunks connected to superstructures by efficient permanent gangways; d ventilators are protected by the trunk, by watertight covers or by other equivalent means; e open rails are fitted on the weather parts of the freeboard deck in way of the trunk for at least half their length; f the machinery casings are protected by the trunk, by a superstructure of at least standard height, or by a deckhouse of the same height and of equivalent strength; g the breadth of the trunk icl at least 60 per cent of the breadth of the ship; and h where there is no superstructure, the length of the trunk is at least 0.

In ships of not more than metres feet in length the closing appliances shall be permanently attached; where not so provided in other ships, they shall be conveniently stowed near the ventilators to which they are to be fitted. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

For that reason, ships carrying a timber deck cargo may be granted a reduction of freeboard calculated according to the provisions of Regulation 45 and marked on the ship’s side in accordance with the ivll of Regulation 6 3 and 4.

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