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Accordingly, we could be subject to the effects of a variety of uncontrollable and changing factors, including, but not limited to: On August 23,the parties jointly moved to extend the target date in view of certain outstanding discovery to be provided by 17002 TA Respondents and third parties. Huawei sought a iscc for discovery and trial on its FRAND-related counterclaims that would afford Huawei the opportunity to accept a FRAND license rate at the earliest opportunity, and in any case before December 28, InterDigital’s complaint with the USITC seeks an exclusion order that would bar from entry into the United States any idccc 3G wireless devices and idxc that are imported by or on behalf of the TA Respondents, and also seeks a cease-and-desist order to bar further sales of infringing products that have already been imported into the United States.

In licensing our patent portfolio, we compete with other patent holders for a share of the royalties, which may face practical limitations. This and 1720 potential changes in reporting standards could substantially change our reporting practices in a number of areas, including revenue recognition and recording of assets and liabilities, and affect our reported financial condition or results of operations.

The process of identifying potential users of our inventions and negotiating license agreements with reluctant prospective licensees requires significant time, effort and expense. In addition, market data upon which we rely is based on third party reports that may be inaccurate. To achieve economies of scale and support interoperability among different participants, products for the wireless industry have typically been designed to operate in accordance with certain standards.

Upon entering into a new patent license agreement, the licensee typically agrees to pay consideration for sales made prior to the effective date of the license agreement i. Oral argument occurred on November 7, On January 3,the ALJ granted the motion.

The wireless iccc industry has also made significant advances in non-cellular wireless technologies. Most strategic investments entail a high degree of risk and will not become liquid for a period ifcc time, if at all.

While such initiatives are in their early stages, they are potential revenue sources for the company. On March 3,the Company submitted to NDRC, pursuant to a procedure set out in the AML, a formal application for suspension of the investigation that included proposed commitments by the Company.


7102 packet data delivery in a mobile environment, including udcc uplink. Furthermore, delays or failures to enter into additional partnering relationships to facilitate technology development efforts or delays or failures to enter into technology licensing agreements to secure integration of additional functionality could impair our ability to introduce into the market portions of our technology and resulting products, cause us to miss critical market windows, or decrease our ability to remain competitive.

The validity of their and our assumptions, the timing and scope of wireless markets, economic conditions, customer buying patterns, timeliness of equipment development, pricing of products, growth in wireless telecommunications services that would be delivered on wireless devices and availability of capital for infrastructure improvements could affect these predictions. The market price for our common stock is volatile and may fluctuate significantly in response to a number of factors, most of which we cannot control, including: We are always happy to assist you.


If we are unable to implement one or more of these alternatives, we may not be able to meet our payment obligations under the Notes, and this default could cause us to be in default on any other future outstanding indebtedness.

On March 21,InterDigital and Respondents filed reply post-hearing briefs. In a USITC proceeding, we would seek an exclusion order to bar infringing goods from entry into the United States, as well as a cease and desist order to bar further sales of infringing goods that have already been imported into the United States. Sales of our common stock in the public market, or the perception that such sales could occur, could negatively impact the market price of our common stock.

The court issued a claim construction opinion on April 22, Since it dispenses with manual corrections, the system makes it possible to carry out price updates faster with the potential for increased revenues.

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On January 2,in an effort to streamline the evidentiary hearing and narrow the remaining issues, InterDigital voluntarily moved to withdraw certain additional patent claims from the investigation. On August 30,InterDigital filed a motion to dismiss the declaratory judgment counterclaims relating to the request for determination of FRAND terms.

Our revenues are derived primarily from a limited number of licensees or customers. Nokia joined this motion on February 28,and InterDigital opposed it on March 6, If we are not able to generate sufficient cash flow to service our debt obligations, we may need to refinance or restructure our debt, including the Notes, sell assets, reduce or delay capital iccc, or seek to raise additional capital. We continue to monitor and evaluate our strategies for prosecution, licensing and enforcement with regard to these developments; however, any resulting change in such strategies may odcc an adverse impact on our business and financial condition.

Duringthe majority of our revenue was derived from a limited number of licensees based outside of the United States, primarily in Asia. Consequently, we approach companies and seek to establish license agreements for using our inventions. We are exposed to risk from fluctuations in currencies, which may change over time as our business practices evolve, that could impact our operating results, liquidity and financial condition.


The option counterparty is a financial institution or the affiliate of a financial institution, and we will be subject to the risk that the option counterparty may default or otherwise fail to perform, or may exercise certain rights to terminate their obligations, under the convertible note hedge transactions. In conjunction with our participation in certain standards bodies, we have filed declarations stating that we have patents that we believe are or may be essential or may become essential to cellular and other wireless standards and that, with respect to our essential patents, we are prepared to grant licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms or similar terms consistent with the requirements of the ivcc standards organizations.

Royalty rates, or other terms, under our patent license agreements could be subject to determination through arbitration or other third party adjudications or regulatory proceedings, and arbitrators or other third party adjudicators or regulators could determine that our patent royalty rates should be at levels lower than our agreed or historical rates.

Since our founding inour engineers have designed and developed a wide range of innovations that are used in digital cellular and wireless products and networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G and IEEE related products and networks. Our current research efforts are focused on technology solutions to solve the industry’s challenges and unlock new capabilities related to connectivity, content delivery, and contextual data, particularly as they relate to handset and other connected devices, such as tablets and laptops, video content delivery, as well as areas of network infrastructure including spectrum research and wireless ivcc.

We face a variety of risks that may affect our business, financial condition, operating results, the trading price of our common stock, or any combination thereof. These transactions have been accounted for as an adjustment to our shareholders’ equity. On March 5,the ALJ issued an order establishing August 28, as the target date for completion of the investigation which order the Commission determined not to review on April 1,and a separate order setting the hearing in the matter for January Perceptual Pre-Filter and other video technologies that enhance the streaming of high quality content while reducing bandwidth requirements.

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