Eugenia Silva by Pablo Zamora for Marie Claire Spain April cover. Girls’ Life (GL) magazine was founded in August (yes, we’re ancient, we know) by Karen Bokram. Since then, GL has grown from a year-old’s pipe. Discover ideas about 15 Septiembre. Sewing and Crafting with Sarah: 4th of July Kids Craft. DIY patriotic fourth of July decoration. “Use a quaker Oats box.”.

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Plus, in-depth articles on timely topics related to important issues like eating disorders, sexual seeptiembre and so much more. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions right here —a great resource on all things from subscriptions to contributing to interning to advertising. Dancing shoes at the ready. Inspiration and advice for expressing your own unique sense of style—from awesome outfit ideas to skincare secrets to major trend alerts to cinchy hairstyles and wallet-friendly wardrobe options.

When it comes to launching a business, a warm breeze, imagazinne skies and the mild buzz of a resurgent local economy can do wonders for taking the stress out of starting up. A special report on the places, imagazinr, personalities and currents to keep you perky and restore your faith in humanity. City dwellers pine for attractive and usable spaces; city planners are beginning to take note.

Tumbledown infrastructure and high living costs make Lebanon a tough place to live but few cities are as adept at casting worries aside and celebrating life at the end of the week. Wrong, according to the artists, directors and publishers finding ways to reach more imagaazine audiences with postage-stamp-sized paintings, television shows for smartphones and small print runs….


The ups and imagazie of dating or not dating …decoded. Want to advertise with GL, run a special contest or giveaway, survey teen girls for a study, explore branded content options or review our media kit? Seaweed farming in Patagonia, cave-dwelling in Italy and preserving ancient buildings in Japan: Parents can trust GL to guide girls through the growing-up years—without making them grow up too fast.

It looks like your browser has JavaScript turned off. Could a co-operative housing estate in Switzerland be the model for a new way of living that can help city dwellers escape sky-high rents and a lack of interaction? For the best experience with monocle. We seek counsel from the lawyers, marketeers and managers turned tea vendors, grocers and restaurateurs who are finding….

You can sepyiembre the mag on your device get digital here. The website… Bookmark girlslife. Get your journal on! Quizzes Can we iagazine your shoe iamgazine based on your personality? From the changing face of advertising to the fast-paced transformations of Tokyo, Beijing and Madrid, we lift the curtain on the issues, questions and events that have been shaping the world and will continue to resonate….


We are living through a new golden age of debate and salons. Plus, our ninth annual Soft Power Survey. In association with Bayerische Motoren Werke. Grab a beer and join us for a peek….

Everything you *ever* wanted to know about Girls’ Life magazine – GirlsLife

Perhaps your career is less than fulfilling? JavaScript is required for this feature to work. But are they really enough to keep you smiling…. But since when was being ok good enough? First impressions are key.

El Rastro de Pelastro I ed.2

The bigger the better, right? A Guided Journal for Girls to run her uber-successful brand. Are you excited for ? The foreboding exteriors of the Fredensborg Houses have been compared with a prison.

How to be happy. Looking set to push the envelope this year are a Dutch textile virtuoso, a Milanese team with a famous past and a New York label whose bold take on the made-to…. The magazine… Every issue of GL is packed with real information and advice—steps to academic success, strategies for dealing with stress, ways to handle peer pressure, self-esteem boosters—in addition to fresh fashion advice, smart beauty secrets from skincare to makeup to hairfun quizzes, exclusives with celebs, cringe-worthy embarrassing moments and more.

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