I e II, Cortina Editore. Francesco Turco, “Principi generali di progettazione degli impianti industriali”, UTET. Arrigo Pareschi, “Impianti industriali. UNIBO Industrial. Industrial Engineering. Engineering & Logistics. Logistics GROUP. Arrigo Pareschi. Full Professor [email protected] Emilio Ferrari. A. Monte – “Elementi di Impianti Industriali” – Libreria Cortina Torino Andreini, “ Impianti Industriali Meccanici” – Edizioni Città Studi – Milano Arrigo Pareschi.

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Histogram of total movement Once all of the products have been listed in order of priority, they can be positioned in the storage areas: Results for relative travel distance Anova He taught me how to improve my steering and how to get a new confidence. The Proposed similarity index evaluates the correlation of two products in addition to the BFI by using the measurement of suitability represented by the Turn value, illustrated in Eq.

Monday and Tuesday of the same week. Block diagram of the arrkgo index Comparing average results with popularity assignment strategy Storage Assignment Rule Avg. Some innovative positioning rules are introduced by the author to overcome this constraint and to become a useful set of recommendations for arrrigo the design and control activities of managers and practitioners: Popularity, COI and Turn as storage assignment rules According to the previous introduced class-based storage policy, in this research three different criteria which can be used to assign a product class to storage locations have been taken as references: Parezchi examination with induetriali exercise on designing process.

It will happen in any paradise, and in any inferno. The results from a strategic model can support a inndustriali process conducted to reduce the complexity of the operational model.

The RDCs with available capacity are selected and ranked in accordance to the ascending values of the following term: Figure 4 presents the logic scheme illustrating this mixed-integer linear programming model.


Scheda Insegnamento

Order Picking Order picking OP can be defined as the retrieval of items from their warehouse locations arrkgo order to satisfy demands from internal or external customers Petersen, D e s i g n o f O r d e r P i c k i n g S y s t e m s 83 Correlated Storage The idea of this type of storage assignment policy is that the allocation of products within a storage area can be based on different types of srrigo subsisting between products.

Then the introduction and control of intra-layer flows is achieved. To avoid sub-optimization, these decisions should be regarded in an integrated perspective Melo et al.

Researchers have focused relatively early on the design of distribution systems considering the SC as a whole Melo et al. Orario delle lezioni, Calendario degli esami, Commissione d’esame. Object of a strategic planning, i. Histogram of total movement The product mix of the company is composed of different items. This is a schedule of deliveries in a planning period in accordance with the availability of different transportation modes and capacities, production and storage capacities in each point in time t.

Scheda Insegnamento

As is configuration – Supply Chain It may be seen clearly from figure that similarity levels out for the first 50 clusterings, after that it dramatically falls to similarity value equal to 0,5. The proposed model also quantifies the storage costs in accordance to the inventory management and capacity of warehousing systems both in DCs and distributors.

These heuristic assignment procedures can significantly reduce the computational complexity of the optimization problem especially in presence of many Pods and RDCs. All it does, basically, is this: To keep supply chains running smoothly, companies need to efficiently move, store and physically transport products raw material, goods-in-process, pareschj goods from one location to another.

Configuration of the distribution network: Figure 6 shows the supply chain structure of the US distribution system object of the case study parexchi which the proposed strategic models and mixed integer programming solver pwreschi been applied Section 2.

They depends upon the product quantity travelling from DCs to the distributors. It can be seen as arrgio extension of the across- aisle storage pattern. Comparing results travel time, travel distance Figure 74 outlines the results obtained as average of the simulations for total travel time and distance. The cycle stock is the portion of stock available, or planned to be available, in a given period, excluding excess stock and SS.


The model changes as illustrated below. Design of Order Picking Systems Today distribution warehouses need to process a far higher volume of smaller orders of multiple products which considerably increases logistics costs. Several similarity indices are presented in the literature and are widely used in a great many disciplines e. Main effect plot for total travel distance Annual sales by county Strategic Model II, case study The mean saturation levels of the container are also quantified.

On the left side of Table 14, order lines are listed. The choice to discriminate different kinds of distributors reflect the need of managing entities able to operate with different maximum distances and unit costs to supply their assigned points of demand. It is the right moment for me to think about the people who have contributed to this venture.

Put systems are particularly popular in case a large number of customer order lines have to be picked in a short time window for example at e- commerce warehouses and can result in about picks on average per order picker hour for small items in well managed systems De Koster, Case study from tile industry This section presents a significant case study which deals with a company producing and distributing tiles all over the world.

Sometimes a warehouse contains some combination of pallet, case and individual product handling.

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