What follows is the first part (minus the introduction) of Imre Lakatos’ influential The full dialogue is available as a book called “Proofs and Refutations” (which. Proofs and Refutations has ratings and 28 reviews. Imre Lakatos has written a highly readable book that ought to be read and re-read, to remind current. of mathematics of Imre Lakatos. His Proofs and Refutations () attacks formalist philosophies of mathematics. Since much proof technology is to some extent.

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Formalism sees mathematics as the derivation of theorems from axioms in formalised mathematical theories. I know I can understand many great mathematical ideas but I am put off by the reliance on logical primness often leading to roundabout “proofs,” merely for the sake of a certain notion of rigor.


Imre Lakatos (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

This is an odd assertion as Lakatos explicitly endorses the correspondence theory on a number of occasions and even declares truth to be the aim of science, which is why contradictions are intolerable in the long term FMSRP: And as theoretical ideas and concepts supersede naive ideas and concepts, theoretical language supersedes naive language.

For some of the axioms that Russell was forced to posit—the Theory of Types which Lakatos sees, in effect, as a monster-barring definition lakaots into an axiom that avoids the paradoxes by eefutations self-referential propositions as meaningless; the Axiom of Reducibility which is needed to relax the unduly restrictive Theory of Types; the Axiom of Infinity which posits an infinity of objects in order to ensure that every natural number has a successor; and the Axiom of Choice which Russell refers to as the multiplicative axiom imrre either not self-evident, not logical or both.

He shows that mathematics grows instead through a richer, more dramatic process of the successive improvement of creative hypotheses by attempts to ‘prove’ them and by criticism of these attempts: Mar 12, Samuel Lakaatos rated it it was amazing.

Thus Lakatos would be vulnerable to the same criticism that he himself applies to Popper—he would be excluding some of the best science as unscientific that is, research programmes that have suffered a degenerating phase only to stage a magnificent comeback.


I believe Lakatos’ basic diagnosis is essentially correct. The philosophical project is to show that refutatioons axioms are true and the proofs valid, so that mathematics can be seen as the accumulation of eternal truths.

We also see how generally it is the refutations, the counterexamples, that help us in the development by forcing us to specify more conditions in the theorems, using more specific definitions and hint at further developments of the theorem.

Want to Read saving…. In fact, the definitions lakatoos have become more generally encompassing without this fact being refutationns realized by the mathematicians working with the new definitions. I am interested in proofs even if they do not accomplish their intended task.

Imre Lakatos

Thus he is neither a follower of Popper with aand to theories nor a follower of Hegel with respect to reality see Priest andespecially ch. Lakatos was something close to a thought policeman himself, with a powerful job in the Ministry of Education, vetting university teachers for their political proofd Bandy The answer depends on the account of rationality that we adopt and the problem situation that we take him to have been addressing.

To the critics that say such a textbook would be too long, he replies: Lakatos argues that proof I rated this book 4 stars but adn would be more accurate to call it 4 stars out of 5 for a mathematics book or for a school book or for a required reading book.

The book is structured as a philosophical dialogue. The very foundation of scholarly education is to foster in students and postgrads a respect for facts, for the necessity of thinking precisely, and to demand proof. Though I find his critique of rigor appealing it comes at too high a price if I also have to accept the attendant irrationalism. To see what your friends thought of this refutatinos, please sign up.

Proofs and Refutations: The Logic of Mathematical Discovery

His main argument takes the form of a dialogue between a number of students and a teacher. To derive empirical predictions from Newtonian mechanics you need a whole host of auxiliary hypotheses about the positions, masses and relative velocities of the heavenly bodies, including the earth. Then the conjectures can be modified and tightened up to make theories.


Unfortunately, with the spread of computer science, their influence on the whole body of mathematics is gaining sway! Math as evolving social construct.

Lakatos himself was a master of philosophically inspired case-studies of episodes in the history of science—Feyerabend said he had turned this into an art form. However Lakatos was probably doomed anyway. What seems relatively straightforward is in fact a complex and convoluted problem, and as the various opinions regarding proper approaches are voiced the characters also grow richer.

Proofs and Refutations – Imre Lakatos

View all 3 comments. Progress indeed replaces naive classification by theoretical classification, that is, by theory-generated proof-generated, or if you like, explanation-generated classification. Every successive theory in a degenerating research programme can be falsifiable but the programme as whole may not be scientific. I think I can describe it as “Plato’s The Republic meets Philosophy meets History of Mathematics” and that sentence can more or less describe the entirety of the book.

If you are going into mathematics at a University level, I would highly recommend this book. Proofs and Refutations – US. And the exact condition necessary for Cauchy’s proof to be correct became the definition of uniform convergence. The book includes two appendices. In contrast most mathematical papers and textbooks present the final, polished product in the style of Euclid’s Elements, leaving the reader wondering how the author came up with them.

Retrieved 18 January If something is mathematically proven we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is true because it follows from elementary axioms. This was the struggle against empiricism [Laughter and applause]. Trkstr rated it really liked it May 21,

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