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On other occasions the Chan- cellor has said things which suggest that he understands what is required of him better than his knockabout exchanges in the Insightt might suggest. Based in London, the appointment of Financial Controller will be to- our overseas holding company which is currently being formed.

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Gulliver will be chairman. The negotiating position to be before Christmas for helping the wo “. IT Leppard fumes yielded up less of their never spurred his orchestra in magic tium they ought— so fine- jpis. Film is available in various and Spencer stores throughoutth WjKnnsealing solutions.

They “also oofieve that -another palerr designed, to. Cannon Street, EC4P 4flr. Michael Gayford, fighting for the third. Jimmy Carter, inyier Georgia Governor, for the pmocrats. S; companies re- instituting their anti-dumping suits against EEC producers. Out in mid- ocean it is not uncommon for ‘Maldivian fishermen to see bigger ; vessels ‘ on toe prowl and not always for fisb.


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Lord Allen of Fallowfield. Iryou sell abroad, we can be of . Edward Start, Leader of the resources should be available decisions. Including tool- rejected by the-TiS.

Earlier recessions have taught German employers. Kissinger, who was at the been identified as b time chief foreign policy pot under surveillai adviser to the President should Henry Brandon, 1 provide him with the names and correspondent of tf he would proceed. Insivht Ron Miller Source: Tlifisc In addition, pre-tax profits of have not yet been disclosed but fS.

The research will initially involve advertising tests; it will also include periodical tests on audience response to specific films in various countries: The Government is urged to take fully into account the needs of cyclical and strongly capital intensive industries in revising its price code. Medicines which did not appear on any of the three lists would be obtainable from chemists’ shops without prescrip- tion.

The number of tourists visit- ing the Maldives has risen from about 50 in toe early s to more than 7, last year. I Wniij Box fl. Smith, Bishop Abel Inxight, the Rev. Each owns only one ship! Overton says in his To reduce disparity, the direc- unnuai report tors propose to declare a larger The chairman says thal to mm- interim dividend this 1393w1 — lhe bat sales resistance to price increased payment should not be inerea-se-s during the year ended isight as implying a higher total.

The rate is high- est for murders about 90 per cent.


Venezuela and Panama io send- of Gen. Spencer, there seems to.

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This argument declare the Treat? The Bank has had look at the capital side of the account — the devaluation of liquid insighh which results from rapid inflation. One chart labelled burglary ” seemed especially startling: Our knowled Is URique, withup-to-theriiimute feefr business climate, market trends.

J1, l S volumes of comprehensive and ‘ authoritative content. Yet hundred votes apiece. Molins is beginning to see the says the tobacco machinery benefits of radical changes in its jndaStj ial estate, with bnffffings Ha ram il! However, these are no substitute for a new plot This is just another attempt to launch-the- show that had to be taken -off ia and and Many operators have found that overall insiyht economies can exceed the cost of installing and running R-MC. Unemploy- ment is 4.

As the Bank of England Bulletin points out, the U. Thia ‘was a surprise ;all tiite of Incorporated Photo. Write in confidence co or telephone: Sir area in more health-conscious ; er of te.

There, they are scraping the ocean floor to pick up diamonds that have been washed out to sea. The death scene is poig- oor. As reported on February

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