This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Building Mobile Apps Using Intel® XDK. iOS, Android and Windows Phone Development. (17). students. Created by QScutter Tutorials. Last updated 6/.

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It should display a window similar to the following: App that executes on a web server. JS apps that use an Intel maker board. There are three main project types:. It is not a full framework but intrl a collection of UI components that you can use immediately with your app.

The Source Directory and the Project Path may or may not refer to the same directory location, but the root Source Directory must be at or below the Project Path. It doesn’t matter if the device is plugged in or not. On your development system, test the virtual device by clicking on your app’s buttons or controls to itnel a user using your app on a real device.

See the Develop Overview for more information.

Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial – CodeProject

As the title is being used from that header there is no point having a title attribute on that panel. This tutorial does not cover on-device or remote debugging. Inside the footer tutorjals can add tabs with text and icons. These configuration files are stored in your project directory. The build tab can then be used to export your game.


Intel XDK allows applications to access In this tutorial we will see Your email address will not be published. The Debug and Test Overview. Launch the App Preview tool.

After you complete this tutorial, you should be able to: The following screen shows the Hello Cordova sample. intep

Moving a palette – Click and drag a palette header bar to move it up or down the palette column or to another column. The Intel XDK does not provide actual store submission services.

Use Intel XDK to export to Android or iOS

You can also select plugin versions and permissions required by chosen plug-ins. For Android, choose Crosswalk for Android. In the device window, change the virtual device orientation. Add another panel inside content section.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

Use the Intel XDK on your development machine and the App Preview tool on your test mobile device to evaluate — over the network — how your app looks and performs on a real physical mobile device without performing a full build.

Use the menu options or equivalent shortcut keys to perform common code editor functions. Xddk menus are also available. App that executes on a web server.

Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK tutorial

If necessary, sign up for an account. Use the floating device window to quickly identify and fix defects before you test your app on an actual mobile device. Your development machine displays a Please sync with our testing server message the first time you click the TEST tab for a project. Use the Intel XDK Emulator floating window to quickly identify and fix defects before you test your app on an actual mobile device.

  HIOKI 3404 PDF

Instead, click on Projects in the top-left to show all your Intel XDK projects and to edit the settings of the project.

In the upper-left, use the two drop-down menus and the Turorials Simulator button to start the device simulator:. This is what we will do in this tutorial. It also supports developing Internet of Things Node. After that you will get the following screen,for designing framework selection,Here we have chosen Bootstrap.

After you start the simulatorthe virtual device window pops up in a separate window.

If the build fails, click the link to review a more detailed build log. App that executes on a real mobile device. Modifying code in the debugger window impacts future app behavior in the emulator; however it does not modify actual source code. The Intel XDK does not provide actual store submission services for your app.

To achieve this functionality we don’t In this tutorial I will show how to iintel push notification in a Cordova Hybrid apps. In this blog, we are focusing on cross-platform mobile application development.

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