Their commitment to innovation through continuous research, development and improvement, has made Intercall the best selling nurse call system in the UK. Nursecall Intercall. Acorn Fire and Security one of the UK’s leading fire alarm equipment suppliers. Nurse Call Systems are the primary emergency call system between patient or resident and caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and .

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As ever I am very impressed with the excellent service you offer. The ‘call follower’ sounder whih is activated when the call point is in ‘staff present’ mode, alerts staff to other calls on the system. Syetem addition, the System can normally be installed directly into an existing wiring system, keeping disruptions to an absolute minimum.

It also stores the text programming information and can be used to configure the system by simply connecting a laptop computer. A secondary feature allows an audio page facilty to all other displays and to other speech call point with staff members nursse. Thank you all for your support on this project.

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Brand listing

All Intercall products are designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, so the user is nufse mind throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring the products are easy to use.

Other features include an infra red receiver, reassurance LED and ‘call follower’ sounder. Nursecall Intercall 6 Metre Extension Cable. The unit also features an infra red syste and reassurance LED. It may also be used to link two independent Intercall systems together to allo signalling, such that an active alarm on one system triggers a call on the other system and vice versa. The L Universal System Interface is used to output system activity in three intercsll It also reports the location of staff who are responding to calls.


Any assistance or emergency call on the system will over-ride the standard call tone.

Intercall Nursecall 700

Just discovered your website today but it looks excellent! The L Overdoor light may be located above a door or corridor to indicate the status of specific call point s. We also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

A call point is needed for every individual call location on the system. Hi Dave, Thank you for sending the information on the detectors I have passed this on to our client.

She was helpful, efficient, and above all pleasant. Used to isolate monitoring devices such as PIR1 or door contact. Thank you for your speedy service, our order arrived this morning. The whole principle of the software is to provide users with an easy to understand visual summary of activity on the Intercall call system that can be absorbed at a glance. Hi Dave Just a quick note to say thanks for the advice on the replacement of the Mother board. Finally, a fixed IP Desktop telephone is available, which has the ability to dial individual call points, thereby opening a speech path to the patients.

We have a committed management team and a highly trained and motivated workforce that is dedicated to a level of service and customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed.

Equally, they know that staff call reassurance that they can be aware of and respond to any calls efficiently. I wish all suppliers where as efficient and quick as you guys. AD1 Adapter Plate – Double gang to single gang conversion plate. The Booster Power Supply unit is designed to increase the permitted number of units and qunatity of cable that an be used on any one system.


L Corridor Display Unit. The unit will accept inputs from a wide range of triggering devices including pear leads, air switches, pressure mats etc. Honestly Jess you been sysrem little star with this one Many thanks as always for the quality and speed of the service!

Intercall NurseCall – Nurse Call Systems UK

Firstly and foremost, it provides a two-way Speech communication with the caller. Hello again, Equipment arrived on MT as arranged The unit also features an integral second exit timer with audible bleep and mode jumper to prevent sensitive or dangerous exit doors being permanently left open. The Intercall system builds on over 20 years of specialisation in nursecall systems to give you one of the most flexible and comprehensive care management systems in the world.

I received and checked through my order today and everything is as it intercalk be.

The L is an Audio call point, which gives the facilty of hands free speech. Wonderful, knowledgeable customer service – a rarity these days and you even supplied me with a link to the product.

We have just purchased a SOLO kit from yourselves and I have say we have been very impressed with the service and support provided — thank you. Activates paired call point when door is opened. Infra red Pendant Transmitter for service users.

Antibacterial Pressure Mat – PM2. Simple non-intrusive monitoring without need for your staff to attend in person.

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