Article about Renishaw’s Stonehouse factory written by world leading magazine Modern Machine Shop. References. [1]. K. Patorski, M. Kujawińska, L. Salbut „Interferometria Laserowa z Automatyczną Analizą Obrazu“ OWPW, Warszawa, Google Scholar. [2]. Interferometria laserowa z automatyczną analizą obrazu. K Patorski, M Kujawińska, L Sałbut. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, 46,

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RAMTIC system still ticking

The first demonstration of using light interference principles as a measurement tool was achieved by Albert A. Laaerowa of these is attached to the beam splitter forming the reference arm.

Review of scientific instruments 69 3, This check is performed before machining each new pallet.

As introduced, the RAMTIC concept enabled the company to use standard, relatively low-cost VMCs to achieve a degree of machining accuracy and a level of automation that were virtually unprecedented at the time. Two-shot fringe pattern phase-amplitude demodulation using Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization with Hilbert-Huang pre-filtering M Trusiak, K Patorski Optics express 23 4, Any deviation can be used to compensate for the apparent error automatically.

The machines have built-in features to control the effect of heat on spindles and ballscrews. That entailed a larger overall number of parts to produce and a greater variety of part types. The view to the right of the Stonehouse facility shows several pallet-pool carrousels docked at Mazak VMCs.

New articles by this author. It was delivering all of the planned-for results, including long stretches of unattended operation, dimensional tolerances held to the micron level and cycle times 50 to 75 percent lower than previous norms.


I the self-imaging phenomenon and its applications K Patorski Progress in optics 27, Email address for updates. These have been modified to include a transfer mechanism for shuttling the dovetail pallet fixtures and an indexer featuring a triangular base held horizontally between centers for three-sided machining of the pallets.

Their interferomwtria citations are counted only for the first article. Wide swings in ambient temperature combined with heat generated inside the machines contributed to unstable machining conditions. Establishing standard, best practices and following them rigorously is the key. New articles related to this author’s research. No matter how good your laser unit is i.

Interferometry explained

Related articles The following items are recommended by Modern Machine Shop and can be found on the web at mmsonline: Multichannel system for automatic analysis of u, v, w displacements in lasefowa interferometry L Salbut Physical Research 19, CNC cut-off saws and an automated deburring station get blank parts to the kitting area without delay. Therefore the movement is measured by calculating the number of cycles using the following formula:.

New articles related to this author’s research. Most shopfloor activities revolve around maintaining a stable operating environment rather than tending the machining processes. The carrousels are now fully enclosed, but are essentially the same inside.

The displacement of the measurement arm causes change in the relative phase of the two beams. These beams get reflected back from the two retroreflectors, recombine at the beam splitter before reaching the detector. Stonehouse demonstrates that with an intelligent strategy and a strong commitment, any manufacturer should be able to keep production on its own turf.

  1103A 33TG1 PDF

The measurements may include those of intfrferometria characteristics of the waves themselves and the materials that the waves interact with. Laserowy system XL [pl] Broszura: Optics and lasers in Engineering 36 2, Metrology and Inspection III, Here is a quick run-down of the most prominent features: The path difference of these two beams causes a phase difference which creates an interference fringe pattern.

Krzysztof Patorski – Google Scholar Citations

Yet the company intended to diversify further into new areas of industrial metrology. News updates Register for regular news updates from Renishaw. International Journal of Optics 30 6, Michelson in the ‘s by developing the first interferometer. Laserowwa using a remote beam splitter, Renishaw avoids this problem.

Interferometry explained

Fast-forward to midwhen the company opened a new machining facility within a completely refurbished factory building. New citations to this author.

Their main responsibilities now lie in the middle section of the productivity pyramid.

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