ISO , Section 5 contains basic organizations, data structures, file organization, file referencing methods, data referencing methods, This part of ISO/IEC supports the following two categories of files: . 0 — x x x — — —, File type. ISO/IEC is intended to be used in any sector of activity. It specifies: a ) contents of command-response pairs exchanged at the interface,. b) means of. ISO/IEC (): “Information technology – Identification cards; Integrated . The key reference is indicated using tag ’83’ as defined in ISO/IEC [2].

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Security attibutes may be associated with each file and fix the security conditions that shall be satisfied to allow operations on the file. When there is no current record, the next occurrence shall be equivalent to the first occurrence. Referencing by file identifier — Any file may be referenced by a file identifier coded on 2 bytes. This application ido information on cryptographic functionality.

In case 1, the body of the filetypf APDU is empty. According to its abstract, it specifies interindustry commands for integrated circuit cards both with contacts and without contacts for card and file management, e.

The security status may also result from the completion of a security procedure related to the identification of the involved entities, if any, e.

The data fields of some other commands e. The length field consists of 1 or 3 consecutive bytes. Data objects for confidentiality are intended for carrying a cryptogram which plain value consists of one of the following 3 cases:. Each command message may carry a response descriptor template fixing the data objects required in response. This specification does not preclude the determination by sequential analysis of which mechanisms and which security items shall be used for processing the remaining part of fkletype data field.


Cards with contacts — Dimensions and location of the contacts”. In any command using secure messaging the following specific error conditions may tiletype The tag field T consists of a single byte encoding only a number from 1 to e.

Cards with contacts — USB electrical interface and operating procedures”. The tag field T consists of one or more consecutive bytes. Data authentication — Using internal data, either secret or public, the card checks redundant data recived from the outside world.

It is an unsigned irc, limited to either 8 or 15 bits according to an option in the respective command. Figure 4 shows the 4 structures of command APDUs according to the 4 cases defined in table 4. In the kec capabilities see 8. The DF at the root is called the master file MF. For example, the last possible position of a template for cryptographic checksum is just before the first data object integrated in the computation.

ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

Filety;e security items algorithms, key and initial data used for processing the data field of a command message may be different from those used for producing the data field of the subsequent response messsage. That is, command interdependencies on one logical channel shall be independent of command interdependencies on another logical channel. When a file cannot be implicitly selected, it shall be possible to select it by at filegype one of the following methods:.

The previous occurrence shall be equvalent to the last occurrence. Command-specific status — It only exists during the execution of a command involving authentication using secure messaging see 1.

Figure 1 — Logical file organization example. The file control information may be present for any file. According to its abstract, it specifies the operating conditions of an integrated circuit card that provides a USB interface. Linear file with records of variable size.


Therefore the first created record is in the first logical position.

The response descriptor template, if filftype in the data field of the command APDU, shall fix the structure of the corresponding response. The length Le is also not null; therefore the Le field is also present. Referencing by path — Any file may be referenced by a path concatentation of file identifiers.

ISO part 4 section 5 APDU level data structures

The following structures of EFs are defined: The following rules shall apply The card shall filletype each empty primitive data object Each control reference template present in the response filwtype shall be present in the response at the same place with the same control references for algorithm, file and key.

The basic logical channel shall not be closed. When numbered, its number is 0. According to its abstract, it specifies the Data Elements DEs used for interindustry interchange based on integrated circuit cards ICCs both with contacts and without contacts.

The path allows an unambiguous selection af any file from the MF or from the current DF.

F I G U R E 2

Within each EF of linear structure, the record numbers shall be sequentially assigned when writing or appending, i. SM data objects incorrect. The following additional izo are defined for linear structures and for cyclic structures: This part specifies commands for application management in a multi-application environment.

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