LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are. – VW T1 Pickup Alternate:: Creator Alternates. you have instructions. 😉 And the answer I just emailed him was more than just: Yes I do. Building Instructions – LEGO – – Volkswagen T1 Camper Van.

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The initial istruzionu phase was done in LDD and a special thank you goes to Eurobricks. Yes, and also pay attention to the difference between black and dark bley. Yes, that is normal for sets aimed at an older public. Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Werner. I have tried sorting bigger sets and I usually sort by color and then by type, bricks and plates and then by size and function.

Makes the build that much faster. I have also tried just opening the bags and putting each bag in a separate container.

I’m still formulating an opinion on this.

VW Camper Van – Sort pieces before building? – General LEGO Discussion – Eurobricks Forums

While I often dump out all the bags or all the bags for a given number in a big build at the outset, I don’t go overboard on presorting things. I gather all istruioni pieces too, which most times, it’s just a piece or two. That’s what happened with Fire Brigade. The hinged walls on the real VW T1 Pickup span the entire sides and rear of the pickup, But with the limitations of the available parts it wouldn’t have been possible to realize this and keep the round shaping at the rear intact.


This made this project so much easier and saved me alot of time that I didn’t have to spend building the Camper Van in LDD first before I could start working on the Pickup Truck. Share this post Leyo to post Share on other sites. Register a new account. Sorting is completely worth it with the huge sets like this. By Sato NL Add to my favorite builders. Posted December 30, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Posted December 26, edited. I use 2 plastic compartment containers like tackle boxes and open each bag into their own comaprtment i can insert or remove dividers to make a comaprtment as large or small as I need. No matter which sorting technique I use the Gladware entree size plastic container to sort into and I use another container to gather pieces for each step before building the step, I find legl helps me keep organized step by step if I have all the parts for each step ready before beginning to assemble the step.

Still trying to decide if sorting vs just dumping each bag is better. But it makes sense. Posted December 26, Open the bags and throw the contents on to the table! When I was satisfied with the result I partially dissembled my second T1 Camper Van and rebuild it into the Pickup Truck you can admire on this page. Totally normal and there’s no need to sort the bricks after you open them unless you really want to. Welcome to the world’s greatest LEGO fan community!



This is all well and good, however, what I’d really like to know idtruzioni what’s the logic about what goes into which bag at the factory in the first place? Do you have instructions. None of the bags are numbered or labeled.

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Set 10220 Instructions Viewer

Click here to go to them on Rebrickable Be sure to read the description on that page because it includes information about the instructions Forgot to include a text file. I do not sort the parts as I did not do it as a kid either. I’m trying to maximize enjoyment, not efficiency and, for me, most of the fun is in the build.

Hoi Sato, Ik heb je op een andere site ook al een bericht gestuurd. Already have an account? The group for nice people to post set alternatives Thanks to you all for the speedy responses. Last time I had to sort pieces for a large build it was the Medieval Market Village – sorting took at least as long as building, probably longer.

Plus, I’ve had many issues where pieces were missing, so it is easier to make sure every piece is available before you start building, instead of trying to figure out if all of the pieces are accounted for after the fact.

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