Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front Duel Author: David R. Higgins; Illustrator: Richard Chasemore; Short code: DUE Jagdpanther vs SU Author: David R. Higgins ISBN: 1 6. Contributor: Andrew Nguyen Review Date: 17 Sep As with all German. However, from page 33 until the end of the book, we leave the discussion specifically of the Jagdpanther and SU, and launch into a military.

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Its German Jagdpanzer -family counterparts — the Jagdpanzer IVJagdpanther and Jagdtigerby comparison, lacked this key piece of observational equipment. The wheel design is problematic, as is the other Panther elements of the Jagdpanther. What I don’t know, is if there has been captured SU’s or M’s and if analysis was conducted as to the overall reliability. Still though, from what I understand of the two vehicles, here is my analysis of the two.

SU-100 vs Jagdpanther

Plus Russian doctrine called for closing to as close to the enemy as possible. Retrieved 19 April Skyvivey marked it as to-read Sep 14, The Germans were the first to see the utility of providing their troops with SPGs, with the introduction of iagdpanther Sturmgeschutz StuG and Sturmartillerie, self propelled tracked vehicles with limited traverse guns protruding out the front end of the vehicle, and capable of knocking out enemy hard points and limited anti tank duties.

Still haven’t received one real life opinion. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The loader will tier less throwing an 11 kg shell than a 16kg shell, allowing for a higher rof jagdlanther a crew that is able to operate at peak rof for a longer period of time. This is of course not surprising, as tank destroyers are meant as ambush and defensive vehicles, and aren’t meant to trade shots with other vehicles.


Jagdpanther vs SU-100: Eastern Front 1945

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I will have to jagdpnther this jagdppanther a variety of ways. If you have nothing in your library on the Jagdpanther or Jaagdpanther, and also happen to be interested in the Eastern Front situation in as it pertains to the battles for Hungary, then this book could be of interest to you. As World War II in Europe reached its end, armor development and doctrine had experienced several years of massively accelerated change, especially within the crucible of the Eastern Front.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This battlefield history is all very interesting, and for the most part fairly well written, but it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to dominate in a book titled “Jagdpanther vs SU”.

1000 Fulcrum 12 Posted 20 November – Klimov Model V-2 V diesel engine hp kW. Tony rated it really liked it Nov 05, Posted December 29, The reason is that those are assault guns, destroying tanks is only one of their missions. Not because they were opposed to imitation, but because it was not possible to rapidly set up manufacturing of important components, especially the diesel motor.

John rated it liked it Sep 12, Its sloped armor and relatively light weight meant, unlike the more massive and less practical Jagdtiger a Tiger II derivativeit could also operate in a more mobile capacity.

In game, I give the edge to the jagdpanther for gun depression and rate of fire. Although its speed and armour protection were comparable, the greater numbers fielded late in the war often proved decisive against an adversary increasingly forced to fight despite inadequate logistics and training.

Want to Read saving…. Books by David R.

Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front by David R. Higgins

In my own opinion the SU sucks. The German Jagdpanther and Soviet SU, both turretle The culmination of big-gun German and Soviet tank destroyer design can be found in their clashes in Hungary in the spring of Retrieved 20 May III chassisand typically more economical both in jagdpantger and cost. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. Community Forum Software by IP. K Lennart marked it as to-read Mar 06, But whatever, fair enough.


The Raider 4 Posted 04 November – Matthew J35U5 3 Posted 04 November – The Soviets in turn possessed operational momentum, and were perhaps less concerned with tactical losses, in part as immobilized vehicles could be more easily recovered and reintroduced into combat.

Crews of t34 were very hard jobs and often skinny guys were forced to drive them. Real life jagdpanhter, because apparently posting in the historical board isn’t sufficient. Archived from the original PDF on 10 March While both guns have virtually the same performance, the German gun will get the edge because of the weight of the shells. Jeff rated it liked it Dec 18, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Glad you enjoyed the SU in-game though, I found it pretty jagdpanthwr as well.

Edited December 29, by RocketTurtle. There is a lot of things claimed about German tanks that isn’t true.

This makes it quite peculiar when trying to move the gun around, even though the D is definitely on the same tier of penetration as the KwK 43 though the pointy tips didn’t help with slopes.

The SU is an up-gunned and up-armoured SU Wu assault guns and the tank destroyers though, in general, were much more reliable especially those based off the Pz.

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