( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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Or where would natural life take its subsistence? Thus the benevolent reader must meditate by himself until he johnan attained intelligence. Help us improve this article! I was hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and prisoner, and this whether you have done it or not to my poor members, you have done it or not to me; and he will give to each one reward according to his works. But I answer that reason is blind and does not know the poverty of Christ nor distinguishes it from the poverty of the world.

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist…. In these seven forms the devil, the ancient Serpent, is hidden and has poisoned the soul, on which the Apocalypse 5 can be consulted.

The Devil also calls for the love of God; but take heed theosophiz he swallow you up, and take possession of your house, for he has great envy. What is the one Will, one separation, is, in the separated, a Will of its own, and so in the unique Will, arise abyssal and innumerable wills, like the buds on the trees.

What can this serve to love his earthly life? They are but one and differ only in pain, as seen in physical fire and light; both breathed by God into Adam; and the earthly lust and false desire of the first man separated them from each other as from the divine HARMONY. He who prays to God for His Holy Spirit, without ceasing, will find the best and safest way, and receive a guide who will lead him into all abysses, open tyeosophia the locks and doors to him; as testified by them, and who by their example teach all enlightened men; apart from that, nothing is found.

He is half in the shadow, half in the Light; on the back is a dark bosom; behind a luminous mirror.

Who will punish and convince this egoistic god? John in Revelations For this we must be the exact image of Gixhtel in life, affliction, persecution, poverty, pain, hell and death, which is what the delicate flesh and the blood find very hard, and they prefer a short, fleeting joy to eternal beatitude.

File:Theosophia Practica – Gichtel.jpg

So I have no doubt that God will listen to his prayer in the name of Jesus, and will give him what his heart has asked of Him. This is why I am going to show you the process of what is happening in the regeneration, as I experienced it: For all self-will is a pure devil; and when the external life ceases, the soul finds itself in its will, acquired in the dark abyss with the devils.


This is a portal to find life-long friends and together enjoy in-depth dialogue with those of a like mind. And as he might desire to recognize himself and to contemplate himself in the light of divine wisdom, that he is interiorized jobann ardent application, in the most profound CENTER of his soul, that he prays without ceasing, theosophua he calls the Holy Spirit, and that he surrenders himself entirely to It with all that he possesses, in body, soul, and spirit; taking the firmest resolution not to weaken in poverty, need, pain or death, but to follow God to the end, with the same firmness, as I myself did.

It must be complemented, or it will be thrown into Hell, to which it belongs. The divine Fire, when it burns in Love, is equally useful and good, and it cannot be dispensed with, because it gives man a way of seeing in darkness, it helps to produce the miracles of God and gives strength and power to light; carries the things of the Obscurity into the Thelsophia, which would be impossible to the light alone. Hence Paul and all the saints complain that they often do what they do not want.

He was admitted an advocate, first at Speyer, and then at Regensburg; but having become acquainted with the baron Theosophiw von Weltz —a Hungarian nobleman who cherished schemes for the reunion of Christendom and the conversion of the world, and having himself become acquainted ppractica another world in dreams and visions, he abandoned all interest in his profession, gerg became an energetic promoter of the Christerbauliche Jesusgesellschaft Christian Edification Society of Jesus. Men blush at the poverty of Christ and regard it as a shame; but the Lord will also blush at them before his celestial Father.

For it is only under this new clothing that she can arrive before the Holy Trinity and serve the God Most Holy, in spirit and truth, like Melchizedek, priest of the Most High. The inner will desires its opposite as a good, the divine will unfolds. But to conceive another will, to break with this painful darkness, by abandoning the first will. But because there is an Feorg like that which is between the Light and the Darkness, one quality is always the cause that another introduced itself in the desire, to fight the first one and to try to dominate it.

File:Theosophia Practica – – Wikipedia

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of And although she sometimes descends to rejoice her lover in the dark lust, so that it does not darken and despair, she does not stay long; she soon withdraws into the inner man as in its inner PRINCIPLE.

The new body is as different from the old as the resplendent sun from the dark earth; and though it is held in the old body, it is inconceivable, though sometimes sensible. The devil, observing all this, slips into the temperament in haste, and seeks to put doubt into the soul by false suggestions; thus, at this period of my life, the Devil wanted me to believe that it was he who possessed me. There was a problem with your submission.

It keeps one from distraction and vanity, and it is a divine Fire which awakens and excites incessantly to love and prayer. I said in the previous chapter that Fire is good as long as it enlightens, warms and serves mankind.


Gitchel’s Theosophia Practica Fully Translated by Ramon Light

But if man, who is still in charge of the bonds of flesh and blood, does not want to pass the Fire of Anguish of divine Wrath and allow it to consume his egoism, he will have to undergo the test after his earthly life; and it will no longer be so sweet.

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We theosophoa men can understand nothing outside of the Virgin Sophia. Reason can torture Scripture and derive false interpretations; the life and the lessons of Christ remain however quite opposed to the Adamic Natural Life; and he who possesses something in his will cannot be a true regenerated Christian.

This is why illuminated writers who do not find sufficient words, express themselves by means of analogies taken in external Nature, so that the student is led to a deeper meditation.

Philosophical inquiry is a central element in the intellectual history of many…. It is the baptism of fire, where the soul is immersed in the sea of Love, then lit again by the fire of Love, so that the noble and sweet light shines forth in the temperament.

A believing Christian disregards all confidence in men, even in himself, for God has forbidden it: Apocalypse 5 His food is partly of the ESSENCES of the outer body, partly of the stars and fiery elements of the Devil, namely sufficiency, the future, envy, anger, hypocrisy, crimes and all sins; His spirit is the angry breath of God, which impels and governs man.

Until God mercifully appeared to me inwardly, face to face and opened his heaven in me, and I speak with my soul, mouth to mouth, according to the ENS and the MENSI rejoice extremely and I ignite love for my adorable Jesus, to whom I bind myself in body, soul and spirit, no longer wanting to leave him or to faint in suffering or affliction, and having the firm confidence that he would never let me leave him.

The third life is the holy Life of Light; it is hidden, inactive and insensible in the natural man, its Fire is that of divine Love or where the will of the Regenerated burns. It is this combat that God indicated to our first parents: I cannot describe all these exquisite sensations; this gives the temperament and the whole body a new youth.

If, therefore, the Will burns in Love, it is Paradise; but as soon as it separates itself from Love, it is Hell. Until finally ego surrenders itself by dying, and submits itself entirely in full obedience to the Will of God. Who has ear to hear, let him hear. To this Tauler [Note:

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