Find I Ching by Blofeld, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. I Ching translated by John Blofeld. John Blofeld () was a British writer on Asian religion and philosophy. His version of I Ching, puhblished originally. Dear Friends, I picked up a bargain price copy of John Blofeld’s I-Ching last week . I really like the introductory chapters which are quite.

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John Blofeld

We have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet. Becoming by Michelle Obama Hardcover Book 3. Log in Log in requires javascript Username or email: The interesting thing about the book is that the hexagrams are arranged in the Fu Hsi order, the King Wen sequence being seen as less logical and therefore patriarchal. If Blofeld makes you think of the master villain of the James Bond stories, you’re not completely off.

Oriented toward fortune-telling; an example is learning that an old man is going to die in five days. No translation; the hexagram and line texts are advice, oriented toward self-examination and change. This translation of the I Ching has been especially prepared for practical use in divination.


Difficulty followed by sublime success! Entries are mixed; some consist of just publication data and a brief description, while others include detailed summaries of the text.

He died of cancer at age 74 in BangkokThailand. Jihn is an amoral creature of order and ritual. King Wu attended to the sacrifice and the Great Master shouldered the white banner from which the head of Shang king Zhou was suspended and the red pennant with the heads of his two consorts. This one has tales, overlapping the former.

I Ching by Blofeld, John

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Most translations have been done by Sinologists, for obvious reasons. Jung, which is also very readable.

It is easier to use than any previous version, and the language is closer chiny that of the Chinese original. Part I Part II. They come with a little book that contains a paraphrase, not a translation, and some Tarot-like card layouts for reading.

Divination, Order, and the Zhouyi by Richard Gotshalk.

I Ching Online – English Versions of I Ching, The Book of Change

One is also supposed to get ideas from the quaint woodcut images that accompany the joun. Here’s a few of the most prominent ones, and some more information about the book and its history.

The l of the I Ching also spelled Yi jing is unclear because of its high age. Paperback John Updike Books. No translation, just advice. Looking for More Great Reads? It contains 4 3or 81, tetragrams, reminiscent of the number of chapters in the Tao Te Ching.


A scholarly examination of what is known about the earliest form of the Zhouyiand reflections on blkfeld progression from simple oracle texts to verbal images, finally becoming a medium for active participation in the present by the inquirer.

The next five are a little left-of-center for me; but of course others may have different reactions. Plus, it cning complete and affordable.

I Ching Blofeld, John E. I sound like some kind a pro-NOT! Traces the history of the proto-Daoism of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, through what are termed classical, modern, and contemporary Daoism. Anthony and Hanna Moog. An interesting translation; the apparent goal is a very literal rendition, including amplification and clarification of many of the words and concepts along the lines of Legge.

Has anyone else read it, and do you know how reliable his interpretations are?

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