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The s were soon to show them an alternate and searing reality. They have sinned errantee and repented bitterly, and they will know that while they may be punished they will never be abandoned. Still, filled with insights into the relationships that Europe, both East and West, had with it’s Jewish populations, and the relationship Jews had with the European countries that they lived in. This is a skill honed by oppression. It paints a dystopian picture of homelessness, statelessness and persecution ahead of the horrors of the aholocaust.

Given the massive changes that have occurred among Jews around the world over the past decades, its interesting to recall how different attitudes were not long ago, when many Ergantes were considered by the West to be an uncivilized judio. An incredible poignant and melancholic glimpse of a society that exists no more and that has now vanished for ever. Roth chiefly addresses the causes and attitudes surrounding roht rift between Eastern and Western Jews, one that still exists – along with mutual ignorance of one another’s realities – although the jhdios that supported this schism are gone.

In his reportage of a vanquished people he shows how Judaism is the glue that has held the homeless nation together. No machinery has been invented for peasants with such an advanced brain. Dec 19, Erik rated it it was ok Shelves: Primitive gear demands a primitive mind.

Joseph Roth

A must for anyone interested in Jewish European history and thought, though no doubt very dated since written before the Holocaust. Like the Native Americans, and the tribes of the Amazonian jungle, culture dissipates judioa the pressure of oppression and its provocation to resistance. They knew nothing of nationality, Jewish or otherwise.

But inyears before these works were written, Joseph Roth composed The Wandering Jews. Mar 23, Murtaza rated it really liked it. The afterword, written inshows an awareness of the new style antisemitism eliminationism but is necessarily uncomprehending of what is about to happen. He also guesses ruefully, and so far accurately, that this achievement – freedom and dignity jodeph the broader culture – is not likely to come into being any time soon.


Isolated by law for centuries jufios the Christian inhabitants of these Christian countries, the Jews of Eastern Europe were also isolated by culture from the assimilated Jews of Germany erranets Western Europe.

Which is much too simple an explanation, since Roth by no means typifies the Jewish population of the time, I think aroundbut instead A brilliant angry little book. They know that while they may be punished they will never be abandoned.

The Wandering Jews

As time showed, trying to differentiate themselves from their backwards kin did not do much to save German and Austrian Jews in the end. There is no other people that lives on such a footing with their god. Apr 27, Navida rated it really liked it. But read this book as a snapshot Al op de eerste bladzijde is dit boek over Joden en Joodse vluchtelingen in het Europa van de jaren dertig een ware slag in het gezicht.

Joseph Roth’s “Juden auf Wanderschaft” is een reeks essays over hoofdzakelijk het leven van de “Ostjuden”.

He also unhinges one of my own assumptions – that Eastern European ‘peasants all live under one roof with errxntes pigs’ – as absurd.

While the other peasants around him are finally struggling to read and write, the Jew, behind his plow has his mind on the problems of relativity theory. Si se quiere comprender la Shoa, es un must.

The victim is freed from his torments and the bully from his compulsion. To ask other readers questions about The Wandering Jewsplease sign up. View all 12 comments.

It was very interesting to read this book, written about the Jewish population largely immigrating from the East to the West, written in the ‘s and early ’30’s. My son has become suddenly interested in his Jewish roots and has been asking me a lot of questions about his heritage.

Dat is misschien wel het indrukwekkendste aan dit boekje. The Armenians of the Caucasus were for a long time neither Russians nor Armenians; they were Muslims living in the Caucasus, and yet they furnished the czars of Russia with their most loyal bodyguards.

The Wandering Jews by Joseph Roth

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. What We All Lost This is a short book, but also a long, if unwitting, epitaph; a heart-breaking celebration of a culture on the verge of its destruction. Ook het leven van de joden in Berlijn, Parijs, Wenen en de Verenigde Staten komen aan bod, en in een 10 jaar later erantes hoofdstuk de situatie van de joden in nazi-Duitsland.


This masterpiece was written by a man who is now considered one of t A stunningly heartfelt, yet disturbing, account of the Eastern and Western European Jews in the mid ‘s. Judiso 28, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: For his part, he sees much to value in these people and their simple ways.

Fascinating look at how Roth sees the differences between the Eastern and Western Jews. While “When Nietzsche Wept” is based on upper-middle-class life, “The Wandering Judiso includes good descriptions of what life was like for the poor and struggling. It gives good reason for Jewish support of arts, ideas, and institutions that reach toward this goal.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Its an interesting glimpse into how new categories of oppression ended up offering a new opportunity for Eastern European Jews, though it came at the expense of the local Black population.

The Wandering Jews by Joseph Roth. Roth’s afterwordwritten inis eerily accurate in its predictions but even he could not foresee the attempted annihilation of the Jewish race by the Nazis. Books by Joseph Roth. His apocalyptic final observation is, “There can be no European or European- Christian morality so long as the principle of ‘noninvolvement’ [by other countries in German anti-Semitism] is respected.

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Most important, especially in the shadow of the Shoah that followed TWJ’s publication, Roth says that antisemitism will not cease until the Jews’ ‘host countries’ achieve their own internal freedom and dignity, which seems to me an immeasurably profound truth.

Jun 12, Nicholas During rated it it was amazing.

Jews are of an intellectual cast. Want to Read saving….

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