The Chief High Priest of Malaysia and Singapore, Venerable Dr K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera, passed away peacefully at the. Quotes[edit]. What Buddhists Believe ()[edit]. Full text online. A person who is on his way to spiritual growth must try to reduce his own selfishness and his. Ven Dr Dhammanada was a beacon of light spreading the words of wisdom and hope among millions around the world by his instructions on.

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Kyabje Zong Rinpoche wanted to make sure those present received the maximum benefits from their practice, and that they kept their practice well. Not what others tell me what I can and can’t do. Gyenze is the powerful increase emanation Sri Dammananada is not my Guru and I have not taken Refuge with him I use to go to his temple in Brickfields to do volunteer work for their Admin office and also attended Ven.

I Prostrate to Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammananda | Tsem Rinpoche

Pilgrimage day today in Kechara Forest Retreat! This was probably the first real Buddhist institution here that taught Dharma in a systematic way and main Buddhist education quite popular and accepted within the city. Click to watch my talk about Dorje Shugden Dhammananfa may be of a different lineage and tradition than that of Brickfields which is Theravadan but this is just perfect for it brings even more methods and approaches to suit en entirely different group of people, minds, attitudes.


We are late for our puja! That is the nature of samsara. She is so smart. It will break your heart, but you need to see this- https: My Oser girl and Dharma boy love the verandah where they can see the greens. Dhammananda was probably one of the first pioneers of Buddhism in Malaysia — single-handedly he got the Brickfields Buddhist Vihara up. After arriving in Malayanow part of MalaysiainDhammananda established himself as the foremost Theravada Buddhist monk in Malaysia and Singapore.


The famous and powerful state oracle of Mongolia- Interesting and must read- https: We are able to paint both the face and body, using traditional Tibetan dhammanand and materials. Garlic soup is times more efficient than any antibiotics.

Must See Dear everyone My role in going there is to volunteer and help with adminstration paper work. It will be very good to plant seeds in them so that they can have a better rebirth in their future lives.

Precious opportunity in Kechara Forest Retreat! Read More Dear Rinpoche, Thank you for the update. Venerable Dhammananda’s journey to Malaya took three days.

Gen Kunchok Palden and Chodrak contributed to releasing of frogs back into the wild. Actually not doing dharma work is the real prison. Gunaratana Maha Nayaka Thera —a Sinhalese monk well known for his lucid and simple explanations of the Buddha’s teachings.

I do have a different view about karma these days one that I hope is closer to the truth. It is the perfect practice for everyone who wants simplicity yet effective blessings. Alert me when someone replies to my comment Alert me when a new comment is posted. Please be advised that anyone who contravenes these guidelines may be banned from the chatroom. I have a friend who never really did communicate with his father, their bond was terrible and they would argue everytime when they see each other.


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K. Sri Dhammananda

This is the benefits of offering a mantra stone. In Kotawilla he established the Sudharma Buddhist Institute and tended to the educational, welfare and religious needs of the villagers. As a result, he had to take a flight to Kuala Lumpur as the train services in the country were disrupted by Communist attacks. We should give them no significance, but simply dha,mananda on working towards real, everlasting happiness.

Lama Anagarika Govinda — introduced the world to Tibetan Buddhism. Such greatness then when the religion was held in such esteem. There are so many misconceptions regarding superstitions and misinterpretations which are associated with this noble religion that it has become imperative to explain the Teachings in a manner which vhammananda contemporary relevance.

It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Warm up exercise before the start of Taekwondo lesson.

An Shigao was a Parthian monk. Be Patient Give the room a chance to answer you.

I Prostrate to Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammananda

Do ask again or address someone directly. Yesterday Melaka team distributed surplus food directly to their door steps. Venerable Dhammxnanda arrived in Malaya infirst stopping in Penang before taking up residence at the Brickfields Temple, Kuala Lumpur. We just have to be sincere in our Dharma practice and we can offer our sincerity to the 3 Jewels.

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