Kalli Purie has struggled with her weight since childhood and has finally found a weight she is happy with. Mostly. Kalli Puri’s book is an essential read. Kalli Purie talks about her diet secrets in her new book Confession Of A Serial Dieter. Kalli Purie wrote a candid book about going from kg to 60 kg. But here’s what it takes to stay at 60 kg all the time.

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It was ,alli hard for me to go out at night. I stood in the narrow space between the twin beds and just got on with it. I think Kallie leave us with the thought-provoking question in the end – Do you really want it as badly as she did? Do You Like This Story? Fat is a silent killer, depositing itself around you, making you lethargic and slow and inefficient.

I enjoyed it and I am starting to follow some of the advice!

Having Lost Weight, I Feel I Can Do Anything: Kalli

Also a few nuts — three almonds, one walnut, a couple of raisins. Like I told you earlier, my brother-in-law is French. It makes her join rowing as a student at Oxford, despite numb fingers on cold English mornings; give up much-loved crisps, cheese, crackers and chocolate; live on idli and bhelpuri; keep step with Jane Fonda on home video, submit to vibration machines at India’s first weight loss centre.

I have been 55 kg and kg. The boko milk probably has more calories than a low-calorie dessert. Not trying to show off or anything, but I’ve met Kalli Puri over a couple of years ago, what she – in her book – would place as her motu years.


Some still not as toned as I would like but in harmony all the same! However, there are certain things Purie indulged in which I would never suggest a person trying to lose weight even consider Like Bulimia or the insane champagne diet.

Books by Kalli Purie. Kalli Purie after weight loss without photoshop. Kalli Purie talks about the myths and dilemmas associated with the life of a dieter, and handles even the toughest of situations, with her marked sense of humor and the habit of pulling some or the other perk. Jul 09, Neha Oberoi rated it it was amazing. The wedding was a food and champagne fest.

Mar 14, Sarita Rajiv rated it really liked it. Showing of 7 reviews. But once you lose more than 20 kg, it’s no longer a change like that of the ugly duckling to a swan; it’s a whole transformation.

Celebs at Kalli Purie’s book launch

Once kalli body settles into the new bookk your weight loss motivates you and encourages you not to cheat. Its for people who’ve gone there and come back again and lived to tell the tale, if you know what I mean. My Aunt is the author so I’m probably prejudiced, but yeah. Read more Read less. Moment of truth I think by now it should be obvious that I enjoyed reading this book. If I still feel hungry I have a piece of almond and go to bed early Through the day: Confessions of a Serial Dieter by Kalli Purie.

It’s not literature but she spoke to me and was very honest and very helpful. Take it as a prie. I consider her my idol in weight loss.

Having Lost Weight, I Feel I Can Do Anything: Kalli | brunch | Hindustan Times

I have lost weight in other places too, in the odd places where the fat seeps in and you don’t even know it. Weight was the last thing anyone noticed about her.


And a great book to come up with your own diet.

It’s a relief to know that someone else has had the same journey every step of the way. But it made me think that besides lots of will power one required equal amount of pruie to go through the dieticians and trainers.

She currently lives in New Delhi and is on a new diet. So even when tempted, your brain advises you otherwise and you are able to resist. Luckily for me, one wedding was not enough and my sister was getting married again. My last meal of the day is at six in the evening when I usually have a glass of skimmed milk. Always tell them to take away the bread basket and butter. You have to continuously consult a dictionary. Her take on the dieticians and trainers: The author is not a trained dietician or weight loss expert.

The book has already been a bestseller in India, and definitely has a long way to go, touching hearts of people of all ages, and telling them in the most amazing way: It would focus on the fat people’s mindset, basically “how a fat girl feels roaming around “. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. About transformation which is not akin to ugly duckling to swan but caterpillar to butterfly.

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