Get to understand the King of mudras – Kechari Mudra, an advanced yoga posture with which you can even suppress hunger and thirst. Kechari mudra is a subject of increasing discussion and debate these days. It is a good sign. It means it is coming out of the shadows of esoteric yoga and into. This article covers a technique, Khechari Mudra, that is one of the most unusual in yoga and therefore a bit too strange for some people.

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This is a rather short trip but quite momentous. Notify me of new posts by email.

Regular practice of this Mudra takes the practitioners into a permanent lovemaking of polarities within. The detoxification of lower impure physical body muudra activation of higher sahasara kecharj completes the circuit between the two and the energy starts to flow. He has disparaged other theories as riff-raffadmits he cannot understand kundalini or chakras and says the basic meditation techniques he teaches are Raj Yoga, “the King of all Yogas”, The Yoga of all the yogas.

Our mental purification is more important than tough physical exercise. It needs the practice of Sila, Samadhia and Panna. By using this site, you agree to the Kechwri of Use and Privacy Policy. It has to be achieved so you can redirect the flow of life force energy to move upwards and unlock the tenth gate.


This article contains Indic text. The tongue kechxri be rolled up to touch the upper palate. Later touches the uvula at the back of the throat. Stage 2 is quite dramatic. But looking at the nine openings we also know there is a tenth.

The steps to open the crown chakra are as follows: Just cuting the frenum and turning the tongue backwards and touching the palate is not enough. The four stages of Kechari lead to neurological openings not only in the head but throughout the nervous system. Yogapedia explains Kechari Mudra Although it is not commonly practiced, kechari mudra is considered preeminent among the mudras, particularly because it is an advanced technique meant to assist the practitioner in reaching a higher state of consciousness.

The Hatha Yoga technique is only for advanced yogis and should be done only under the guidance of ekchari yogi who is an expert in Kechari Mudra.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

The approach can be different for different people. Koestler was also less than impressed with the spiritual efficacy of psychedelics. In the beginning stages and applicable for most practitioners, the tip of the tongue touches the soft palate as far back as possible without straining [3] or placed in contact with the uvula at the back of the mouth.


The basic question is what is achieved by these exercise? Another dramatic step in Kechari is the stage 4. All the hatha yoga texts sing the glory of this mudra, and unanimously declare that when the tongue points upwards the yogi drinks nectar, he is freed from old age and death, and he easily enters into samadhi.

The Lotus and the Robot.

Kechari Mudra – Techniques And Benefits

This may take a few months to 1 or 2 years of practice. Stage 3 — This stage involves working slowly towards the nasal pharynx and the septum. How do I hold shakti? Is Your Chi Blocked?

AYP Lesson – Kechari Mudra – A Giant Leap for Humankind

This produces some bliss energy in the third eye area. Kechaari our mind will be pure and heart is full of love Kechari Mudra will occur spontaneously.

The tenth gate is at the top of our head at the crown chakra. People are often confused. This nectar energizes the body and helps to overcome the need for thirst and food.

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