KEMA 08 ATEX IECEx KEM Features. □ Wide temperature range . □ PLEXO connection system, cold-applied connection and shrinkable tubing. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 98ATEX X are recorded in confidential test report number NL/KEM/ExTR/ KEMA 05ATEX X. PTB 02 ATEX X. Electrical KEMA 08ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX.

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The enclosure is prepared with threads for heating cable glands with size M The standard outer insulation jacket is made of polyolefin. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Technical data | Heating Technology

There is an optical and acoustic alarm signal. This provides information on the condition and ageing status of the material that is being used. All details about electrical explosion protection mentioned in this certificate are for information only. It is suitable for frost protection applications and temperature maintenance on pipes and tanks and it is also extremely flexible.

The thermostat can be installed either over the mounting hole with M6 thread or with the M20 connecting thread. The quantity of heat is dependent on the resistance value of the heating cable and the supply voltage.

In addition a digital input can be used to choose between different setpoints. The internal, galvanically isolated bus connection is established by simply joining the modules.

Application example The KRM thermostat can directly switch temperaturedependent equipment loads heaters etc. The load and residual current are registered for that purpose.


This thermostat can be inserted both for the outside temperature monitoring and for the regulation of interior temperatures of switch and control ahex, transmitter protection boxes, measuring equipment etc.

Installation time and expense are substantially reduced with this innovative method. This reduces the programming work to a minimum. Maintenance work of future modifications of the heating circuit can be carried out more efficiently. Magnesium oxide insulation MgO 3.

Junction boxes for Pt M, Fields of application Computer centres, telephone exchanges, libraries, museums, archives, book stores, clean air rooms, air-conditioning and heating centres, etc. This dispenses with the time-consuming work of exposing the two conductors, the laborious splicing and twisting of the protective braiding and then connecting to a terminal. The heating circuits are activated through an integrated triac then.

Connecting the GW32 gateway and PA00 touchpanel allows a transfer not only of the setpoint and actual values but also of all alarms into a higher ranking control. MPCnet enables solutions extending from simple temperature recording systems to centrally controlled temperature regulation, limitation and monitoring. Nominal voltage Code no. They are operated and supplied with the aid of the MC32 controller. Installation kit media protected 10 fold set Technical data subject to change without notice.

The EKL system can be perfectly adjusted to the customer specific requirements. The internal, galvanically isolated bus connection is established by simply joining the modules together by means of RJ plug connectors.

There are two versions of kma EMK connection kit available: The benefit to the customer is obvious. An insulation entry bush is used to prevent the heating cable being damaged where it passes through the thermal insulation outer cladding. As an alternative, the same device can also be used as a controller with PID control characteristics atez an external semi-conductor relay.


Self-limiting, irradiated polymer heating element 3.

Dependant on the start-up temperature, the start-up current and the supply voltage a maximum heating circuit length of m is possible. One cable gland size M25 for the power cable is already assembled at the junction box.


LEDs display the bus status messages and fault 01100. They offer safe protection even when they are used under extremely unfavorable conditions, on exposure to aggressive chemical media or hard mechanical conditions. This situation is detected by a volt-free alarm contact change-over contact and passes on the signal aex the control panel. The displayed information can be compiled individually. Nylon cable ties The copper braiding and the metal cable glands with an extra lead are prepared to be connected to the protective earth.

If the temperature falls below the minimum setting, the autocontrol opens the circuit but closes again on temperature rise.

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Cable gland IP 67 for power supply cables Supply voltage max. The copper braiding is prepared to be connected to the protective earth. Heating conductor Description 2. Assembly on sites is simple and made even easier by the imprinted metre markings. The alarm relay and the limit relay are produced as change-over contacts. It is only necessary to set the setpoint, analog output limits, low alarm, and if required, high alarm.

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