Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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Kyu grade kendo does not count as mushin as their kendo repertoire is still relatively empty and cannot be called mushin. Our Sensei have, so selflessly, pass on their knowledge and skills to us. In addition, you should constantly go over suburi with just the left hand. Due to some mis-interpretation, Chiba Sensei and Oda Sensei thought that I am studying massage instead of physiotherapy. In Go and Shogi, which are both traditional Japanese board games.

Dec 05, Rating Eye Opener by: In addition, you can’t do Jodan no Kamae due of your level. If the opponent lifts up his kote when he tries to use tsuriage men catch men or leaves his kote in the air, this is the time when you have to swiftly cut his hand.

But for me jodan is altogether a difficult and and enjoyable part of my kendo. Just naturally ran into it.

Someone did this at the All Japan KendoChamponship 2yrs ago and then finally hit a kote. People taking up jodan lightly is a concern, but inadequate instruction of jodan is also a problem. The path of the left hand between its position in kamae and at the time of striking is a straight line. Where is my shinai? All the more difficult is making an opening. Those who take chudan also have to have the same kind of commitment.

After the cut lands, your shinai should bounce back up so that it is almost vertical especially if you are cutting Koteto achieve this you flex your wrist back sharply after the cut by doing this you are affording your self some protection in case your opponent counter attack and it will also allow you to try a second technique. What I had in my mind was that jodan was about, just getting one cut. On training of men, we have to pay much attention to movements of left hand. However I believe, that your purpose in Kendo is not victory, but self development.


Have a nice day! When I was at high school Tokai-university No.

You have nothing that is defending your organs such as your heart and so forth. As you let go with the right hand try to keep a very relaxed grip with the left hand and only grip tighter at the moment of impact. Most people say seme from the left fist! A little story about Chiba Sensei The full blog entry can be found at http: Hence you can broaden your techniques.

At the end Takasaka finally wins with a morote men. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although this is small in return to the kindness that our Sensei has showered upon us, it is a way to practice and always remember our origin. Anonymous I’ve been meaning to ask that question as well since I have recently seen one of my sempai’s does jodan no kamae during jigeiko. So I thought hard about what to do.

Why Jodan?

Since the stance itself is different, there are a lot to learn. A jodan player who is good as men also must also good at cutting kote.

Chiba sensei practices a great deal, and within that practice has clearly defined objectives.

Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page! My sensei knows about it and told me to train my hands to be stronger.

Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet and get some instruction from Yamanaka Sensei, Toda Sensei and Chiba Sensei all famous Japanese 8th Dan Jodan players whose knowledge on the subject I have only scratched the surface of. When you become 3rd Dan, you can do it. Articles containing Japanese-language text. I still practice cutting the tire now and again and whenever I do, I always try to practice both types of men.


And btw, he is also a curry master too, according to Chiba Sensei. Email required Address never made public. After I won the Ekndo championships I continued to hold the top position. Even Chiba Masashi sensei, one of the best known jodan masters in the country, has recently mainly been practicing in chudan.

Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection – 剣道勝負 – Kendo Duel- Playing Cards

The left hand takes the shortest distance when striking men The path of the left hand between its position in kamae and at the time of striking is a straight line. The second way that I have observed is to confuse and then attack.

As far as I know there are 3 main methods of performing Katate-Waza from Jodan, these are and these are only my pet names for these techniques jodzn No matter how much has changed, we must not forget our origin.

Jodan techniques, tactics for fighting jodan Translated from kendo nippon No.

Jōdan-no-kamae – Wikipedia

And so, they have been asking me to give them a massage. We asked him to tell us what points to be mindful of, as well as those techniques, unique to Chiba sensei, that have been born from his experiences up to now. However, Chiba Sensei kindly declined, and instead, asked the governor of the Nara Prefecture, who introduced him to his wife in the first place — to be the match-maker.

Remember, kirikaeshi is a pair exercise. Tips from the Jodan Master Chiba Sensei continuously emphasised the importance of mastering the basic chudan-no-kamae before learning jodan.

Futagoishi Takashi hanshi Tozai Taiko Taikai. I jdan understand the reason for this and gave me more insight to this kamae.

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