9/13/ 28 Comments. Picture. Warning: This feature is currently under revision.. all information may not be up to date.. What is Elterngeld? In Germany. 29 juil. Released on undefined – Tattoos [Special Edition]. Tattoos [Special Edition]. Released on undefined – Reloaded. Tipps und Hinweise, wie das Kindergeld in der Steuererklärung zu vermerken ist. Wo wird es eingetragen und wer muss das Kindergeld vermerken?.

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In this post I will outline who is eligible for Elterngeld, how much one can receive and how to apply. F or ideas of what to do with children in Berlin, check out my ‘ To Do in Bessen ‘ section.

Elterngeld: The Basics of Elterngeld Explained – Berlin for all the Family

Elterngeld is paid for a total of fourteen months after the birth of a child. Am I eligible for elterngeld? Elterngeld is calculated based on the net income of the applying parent in the twelve months prior to the birth of a child. All the best for your application and for the rest of your pregnancy. Is there anything else I and others need to know as a selbst-staendige? I am due in June and trying to get as much information i can.


So if my baby is due September 1st this year, they will look at my Jan-Dec income and base the Elterngeld on that? The Elterngeld is paid not from the 1st of one month to the first of the next month but rather always from the date the child was born on, e.

Sourcesource How much Elterngeld will I receive? Hi Kewai, thank you. Hi, A great site! I am a housewife and my husband is a student with no work.

Hi Tea, I’m not sure why your employer recommended that, but no, you should wait until after the birth. I hope it gets sorted quickly for you.

Was muss ich alles rund ums Kindergeld wissen?

It is important that you apply within the first 3 months after having your baby, so I would fill in the paperwork quickly. Source How do I apply for Elterngeld? Allerdings kann man nicht beides haben: Ein adoptiertes Kind unterscheidet sich — rein rechtlich gesehen — nicht vom leiblichen Nachwuchs. Awaiting the english translation for the form.

Hi Amy, they’ve changed the form it seems.

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With these things, it is always good to speak to the organisation themselves to be sure though as only they can confirm for definite. So for example, the mother can take eight months and kindergeeldantrag father six months and this can be taken at the same time or subsequently to each other.


September entschieden, dass ein konsekutives Masterstudium Teil der Erstausbildung sein kann. One parent cannot however receive all the fourteen months and the months must be split at least Lesen Sie mehr dazu in unserem Artikel Kind mit Behinderung: I’m not due until Feb. I am unfortunately not an expert on these kidergeldantrag.

Please speak to your local Elterngeldstelle to confirm this.

Ihr Kind auf einen Ausbildungs- oder Studienplatz warten muss. As for splitting the Elternzeit in to parts such as you proposed, I’m not sure.

Have I understood this correctly? This feature is currently under revision. Die Familienkasse, manchmal auch Kindergeldstelle genannt, teilt Familien schriftlich eine Kindergeldnummer zu. Berlin for all the Family. Could you post the URL?

That’s right, it includes the 2 months after the baby is born. I am waiting for a translation of this form:

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