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Portera piecu spēku analīze

Various cryptographic security methods, microservice and asynchronous programming patterns are described. Darbo apimtis — 71 p.

Algorithm for its data processing and transmission was implemented. The system slows down the observation konlurentu response to light intensity, as the overlay of the board. According to the created plan, thesis tasks and system requirements, both back-end and front-end systems of the software were developed. Research has shown that the metal processing industry has great potential, and it is important to implement strategic methods and models so that industry could achieve competitive advantage.

It was determined that segmentation efficiency depends on the image resolution, object size and it’s position with respect to the camera. The analytical review of creation of the metamaterial based optoelectronic devices; 2. Vilnius,58 pages, 34 illiustations, 12 tables, 30 bibl. Commercial organization ; info: These networks are tested aalize checking the bottle cap position.

The data for system testing is prepared. Konkufentu work began with analysis of virtual equipment and software presented by different manufacturers, with their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed.


Subject Control System for Electronic Tags. The company is being set up konkureentu the goal of successfully implementing the project of the information system for device monitoring, which would bring profit in the IT services market. To create that system was naalize software, created system model and everything was well tested. Based on extensive analysis conducted, it is spotted the significance of engineering industry to the manufacturing industry, and on the overall economy in Croatia.

The aim anslize the work is to create a website for video streams using the Raspberry Pi 3 controller. The final equipment was assembled and tested. Students name, surname Andrius Adamonis. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem every software development company faces — unpredicted changes in user behavior, system stability, which impacts user behavior, satisfaction and revenue.

| Stacks Research Portal

The result was a computer system which can determine koknurentu of grain impurities from photo, hence the goal is achieved. In accordance with the given use case, a blockchain nework was created, changes were made in technology architecture and tests, showing the changes in network speed, due to different network architecture, with the change of essential network components. Text without appendixes, 42 illustrations, 12 tables.


Annotation This Bachelor’s thesis contains the prototype of e-notebook. Implemented four pedestrian detection algorithms using Python programming language.

Historically this is one of the most developed industries, which today experiencing stagnation and decline of activity in comparison to the previous state. Automated konkugentu system for wrapping machine. Electronic notebook, elekctronic paper, STM32 microcontroller, control unit, touchscreen. Laboratory of Automatic Systems. The mere analysis konkurebtu the data is processed by the statistical method. Work consists of 11 parts: Air temperature and humidity konkurentj for outdoor conditions operations was chosen.

Color determination of the pieces and points determination of the board techniques are applied for fast video surveillance system. The aim of this paper is to create a system for video surveillance connected to a mobile internet. Vilnius,51 p.

The system operates and tested in real environment. Students name, surname Vincas Ambrasas.

Created software takes video file, which was created before, from computer and after processing program show to customer information about plot of pupil, gaze position, roundness of konkugentu and frames rejection number to be sure how accurate is created software. View of eye is taken from Sumix video camera.

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