This is the etext version of the book The Koran Interpreted A Translation by A. J. Arberry, taken from the original etext Arthur’s Classic Novels. Book from the Archaeological Survey of IndiaCentral Archaeological Library, New DelhiBook Number: Book Title: Koran interpretedBook. Since its first publication in , Professor A.J. Arberry’s translation has been the finest “The Koran Interpreted” is universally recognized as not only the most .

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As for the unbelievers, their riches will not avail them, neither their children, aught against God; those — they shall be fuel for the Fire like Pharaoh’s folk, and the people before them, who cried lies to Our signs; God seized them because of their sins; God is terrible in retribution. And fear God, and know that God has knowledge of kroan.

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 2 26, 3. Professor Arberry has rendered the Koran into clear and lyrical English while carefully preserving the incomparable artistry of the Arabic original. Have you no understanding? Those who devour usury shall not rise again except as interpeted rises, whom Satan of the touch prostrates; that is because they say, ‘Trafficking trade is like usury.

Koran interpreted

And those that believe, and do deeds of righteousness — those are the inhabitants of Paradise; there they shall dwell forever. Translator main author all editions confirmed. And God with Him is the fairest reward. God shall turn only towards those who do evil in ignorance, then shortly repent; God will return towards those; God is All-knowing, All-wise. God guides not the people of the unbelievers. O sister of Aaron!

In the interval the further spread of Islam has been so considerable, and the growth in the world’s population has been so rapid, joran the figures generally accepted nowadays are between three and four times those he estimated, and the proportion of Muslims is thought to have reached one- seventh; though such statistics are surely unreal, seeing that they embrace men, women and children and assume a hundred ooran cent allegiance to Islam in the communities claimed for that faith.

Nevertheless Picktball’s version is not free of errors. They said, “How shall we speak with him who is in the cradle, ar infant? And those of you who die, leaving wives, they shall wait by themselves for four months and ten nights; when they have reached their term then it is no fault in you what they may arbdrry with themselves honourably.

When the angels said, ‘Mary, God gives thee good tidings of a Word from Him whose name is Messiah, Raberry, son of Mary; high honoured shall he be in this world and the next, near stationed to God. That is the enjoyment of the present life; but God — with Him is the fairest resort.


And the unbelievers — their protectors are idols, that bring them forth from the light into the shadows; those are the inhabitants of the Fire, therein dwelling forever. And they say, ‘Our hearts are uncircumcised. If this diagnosis of the literary structure of the Koran may be accepted as true — and it accords with what we know of the poetical instinct, indeed the whole aesthetic impulse, of the Arabs — it follows that those notorious incongruities and irrelevancies, even those ‘wearisome repetitions’, which have proved such stumbling-blocks in the way of our Western appreciation will vanish in the light of a clearer understanding of the nature of the Muslim scriptures.

And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying.

God will not fail in His covenant; or say you things against God of which you know nothing? And for you a half of what your wives leave, if they have no children; but if they have children, then for you of what they leave a fourth, after interpretes bequest they may bequeath, or any debt. Our Lord; charge us not with a load such as Thou didst lay upon intsrpreted before us. When you divorce women, and they have reached their term, then retain them honourably or set them free honourably; do not retain them by force, to transgress; whoever does that has wronged himself.

Jaromir Sida marked it as to-read Jul 19, If you are slain or die in God’s way, forgiveness and mercy from God are a better thing than that you amass; surely if you die or are slain, it is unto God you shall be mustered. The St inters We have seen thee turning thy face about in the heaven; now We will surely turn thee to a direction that shall satisfy thee.

Views Read Edit View history. But if aught is pardoned a man by his brother, let the pursuing be honourable, and let the payment be with kindliness. The Loosed Ones Our Lord, make not our hearts to swerve after that Thou hast guided us; and give us mercy from Thee; Thou art the Giver.

The Koran Interpreted: A Translation – A. J. Arberry – Google Books

It was then that I, the infidel, learnt to understand and react to the thrilling rhythms of the Koran, only to be apprehended when listened to at such a time and in such a place. Whoso desires the reward of this world, We will give him of this; and whoso desires the reward of the other world, We will give him of that; and We will recompense the thankful.


And make mention in the Book, of Mary, when she went apart from her family, eastward, And took a veil to shroud herself from them: God warns you that you beware of Him; and God is gentle with His servants. Then if any man changes it after hearing it, the sin shall rest upon those who change it; surely God is All-hearing, All-knowing. Etext was prepared by volunteers.

So matters remained for well over a hundred years.

The Koran Interpreted – Wikipedia

arverry God is aware of the things you do. And say to those who have been given the Book and to the common folk: Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot. When you were going up, not twisting about for anyone, and the Messenger was calling you in your rear; so He rewarded you with grief on grief that you might not sorrow for what escaped you neither for what smote you; and God is aware of the things you do.

And when We took compact with you, and raised over you the Mount: So we turned away evil and filthiness from him, because he was one of our sincere arberrh. Therefore Christian Reader though some, conscious of their own instability in Religion, and of theirs too like Turks in this whose prosperity and opinions they follow, were unwilling this should see the Press, yet am I confident, if thou hast been so true a votary to orthodox Religion, as to keep thy self untainted of their follies, this shall not hurt arherry And as for those of that Batch, having once abandoned the Sun of the Gospel, I believe they will wander as far into utter darkness, by following strange lights, as by this Ignis Fatuus of the Alcoran.

Our Lord, it is Thou that shall gather mankind for a day whereon is no doubt; verily God will not fail the tryst. He gives the Wisdom to whomsoever He will, and whoso is given the Wisdom, has been given much good; yet none remembers but men possessed of minds.

And hath made me blessed wherever I am, and hath charged me with the Prayer and the Almsgiving as long as I live;

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