Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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For the promotion, trained graduate teachers having outstanding work should be promote to the next posts carrying salaries of teachers with post graduate qualification.

Where playing field and other facilities for developing a nation-wide program of physical education do not exist, these should be provided on a priority basis. Programmes commision into three. Suitable programs should be developed to reduce the prevailing wastage and stagnation in schools and to ensure that every child who is enrolled in school successfully completes the prescribed course.

Another feature commissin modern society is the rapid social change. An effective programme of social studies is essential for the development of good citizenship and emotional integration. For this, it has suggested the common school system of public education, a nation-wide programme of school improvement, re-organisation of the education department and revitalizing the system of supervision.

External examinations should be improved by raising the technical competence of paper-setters, objective-based question papers, adoption of scientific scoring procedure, mechanizing the scoring of scripts and the processing of results.

Promoting social and National Integration — National and social integration is the precondition for the progress and development of a country. Scholarships at all stages and in all sectors combined with a programme of placement and maintenance of quality institutions 3. The commission recommended that the first external examination should be held at the end of class X and the second after class XII which will be end of the higher secondary stage.

It consisted of twelve members including the commission secretary, J. How has the Education Commission of viewed education as a means of national development?



Thus new ideas will be developed in society and narrow ideas will disappear. The present century has made tremendous advancement in scientific and technical knowledge as a result of explosion of knowledge. The report of the commission is an excellent document on education.

World knowledge is growing at a tremendous pace, especially in science and technology. Transfer of the PU course from the universities and affiliated colleges to secondary schools by and the duration of the course to be lengthened to two years by ; UGC would be responsible for the transfer of the above course.

Report divided into four sections. Chairman, University Grants Commission. The state should maintain at state and district level play centres, train pre-primary teachers, conduct research, assist in the preparation and development of material and literature, provide supervision and guidance to pre-primary schools and training institutes, assist private agencies with liberal grant-in-aid and run model pre-primary schools.

The commission included 7 Indian members and 5 others; 1 each from Japan, France, U. Saruparia, Vikram Singh and S. Scales of pay of schools teachers belonging to the same category but working under different managements such as Government, Local bodies or private managements should be the same. Improvement of teacher education institutions and expansion of training facilities Equalization of educational Opportunity 1.

The study of English should be promoted right from the school stage.

There should be parity in the pay scales irrespective of difference in management Liberal central assistance should be given to state governments for improving the salaries of school teachers. The examination system needs continuous reform. Education and National Objectives, 2. Considering the special importance of Sanskrit to the growth and development of Indian languages and its unique contribution to the cultural unity of the country, facilities for its teaching at the school and university stages should be offered on a more liberal scale.

Their emoluments and other service conditions should be adequate and satisfactory, having regard to their qualifications and responsibilities. There must be a comprehensive programme of internship instead of block teaching.



It constituted 12 task forces and 7 working groups for studying the various problems of education in the country. Instruction days in the year to be increased to about 39 weeks for schools and 35 weeks for colleges and pre-primary schools; 19644-66 2.

The graduate studies were recommended to be standardized as a three-year course. Considering the key role which education, science and research play in developing the material and human resources of the country, the Government of India will, in addition to undertaking programs in the Central sector, assist the State Governments kotuari the development of programs of national importance where coordinated action on the part of the States and the Centre is called for.

At the school stage, the Govt.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

It will relate education to productivity and also as a means of social and national integration. Hindi to serve as the link language and spread of Hindi in non-Hindi areas; 4. It also advised standardization of pay scales working under different managements such as government, private and local bodies.

New professional courses should be developed to orientate headmasters, teachers, and educators and educational administrators to their special field of work; 4. Games and sports should be made not only to protect the rights of minorities but to promote their educational interests as suggested in the statement issued by the conference of the Chief Ministers of States and Central ministers held in August The school and the community should be brought closer through suitable programs of mutual service and support.

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