Rumors is designed for both Game Masters and Players. Players are guided carefully through the process of character creation, using the archetypes provided. Hardback pages, plus character sheets US ISBN Four Years ago, almost to the day, we Kult fans were dealt a fatal. Rumours (Kult) by Gunilla Johnson at – ISBN – ISBN – 7 Cercle – – Hardcover.

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Beyond the Veil, dedicated to Game Masters only, will provided them with the dark background of the world in which their Players will live. Critics of role-playing games have also have tied Kult to a year-old Swedish boy who committed suicide by shotgun in November Kulg others, it is a key to unlocking that reality.

Rumours – Players Guide. This illusion was created by the Demiurge to hold humanity prisoner and to prevent mankind ru,ours regaining the divinity it once had.

Kult (role-playing game)

Death is Only the Beginning. Please select a support frequency. Our ranks include psychopaths, human monsters, fallen angels. A Kickstarter campaign funded a new edition of the game, entitled ‘Kult: The lower the player rolls below the skill number, the greater the success. In the absence of this Demiurge, sinister forces plot to keep us from realizing the truth, or even to plunge the world into an apocalyptic war to restore humanity’s ignorance and blind faith in the divine order.

We are voices of hope in a world shrouded in despair.

Recommended for mature players only. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat For some, madness is only a refuge from a harsh reality. Characters with a very high or very low Mental Balance will start to involuntarily manifest outward physical signs of their ascent or descent; they become either detached saints or Children of the Night. The game leaves a lot to the imagination of interpretive game masters regarding reasons for the Demiurge’s disappearance as well as the earlier mentioned divinity of mankind.


Many of the adventures revolve around how these entities’ conflicts affect the player characters and the world around them. On the other hand, this protects him from becoming traumatized or insane. Effectively, they escape the prison and become gods.

This section needs expansion. The Mutant Chronicles universe created by Nils Gulliksson and Michael Stenmark its spin-offs share creatures such as Nepharites and Razides which appear in the game.

Continued play at this point rumorus outside the focus of the game, however. Metropolisthe original city which interconnects with all great cities; Inferno and its purgatorieswhere humans are held captive and tortured after death; and Gaiawhich connects to nature and nature’s destructive forces.

Kult (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Core Rules min needed to play. You can help by adding to it.

No one is perfect, no one is innocent. He is still missing.

I supported becauseā€¦ “this is where all my herd nomies hang out. The cosmological backdrop of Kult is largely based on the Tree of lifethe Sephirot and the Qliphoth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They won’t stop us that easily. The Archons and Death Angels have various creatures and cults thereby the name of the game to do their bidding and promote their values.

Andreas Hammer allegedly played Kult the week prior to his disappearance. A Kult character can have positive or negative mental balance affected by traumata, influence from creatures or places, or by advantages and disadvantages. The third English edition of Kult had two English books released in print form: Each Archon or Death Angel represents a value, group or an action aid organisations, child abusemafia, apathy, judicial systems, etc.


Central to the game is the aspect of Mental Balance, which is a sanity-gauge of sorts. The game concept relies on there being several realities that may appear when the Illusion shatters: Tags separate by space: One of the more central elements of the game is that the Demiurge has disappeared since just before the 20th century, and since then Astaroth, the Archons and the Death Angels have been struggling for power.

Currently, Kult is licensed by Helmgast. In the game’s cosmology humans can – at least in theory – regain their lost divine status through a game concept called Awakening in which characters with an extremely high or low, the game never values positive or moral traits higher than negative or immoral ones mental balance are no longer restrained by the rules of the Illusion. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Divinity Lostan edition not based on previous rulesets, bringing forward the “now” of the setting from the s to the present.

This book offers Game Masters some basic tools to run a game session. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Both currently out of print, though copies can be purchased through secondary and specialized markets. Players are guided carefully through the process of character creation, using the archetypes provided, skills, advantages and disadvantages.

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