Datta, S.C.; Bal, S.N., Pharmacognosy of Kurchi bark. KURCHI bark, Holarrhena antidysenterica, is an important anti- dysenteric drug and is official in the Indian Pharmacopoeia (). However, adulteration of this. kurchi bark, which we will speak of as. ” kurchi alkaloids,” in the treatment of acute amoebic in- fections by intramuscular injections. This paper illustrates the.

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They are seriate, wide towards the outside and consist of thin walled radially elongated parenchymatous cells.

Pharmacognosy of Alstonia bark drugs. This disease is cured by taking ground bark of kurchi tree with syrup of sugar-candy.

Move Close Uterus disorders: Sources, Microscopical Characters and Uses Gentian: Pharmacognosy of four Leguminosae-bark drugs. Assay of Kurchi Bark.

Kurchi d bark cortex holarrhenae antidysentericae a drug of great therapeutic potential. Quarterly journal of crude drug research: Kurchi bark is red and brown in color. Copyright All Rights Reserved.

India Kurchi Bark, India Kurchi Bark Manufacturers and Suppliers on

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Indian Jour Pharm 7 4: In-group, rectangular to elongated, walls striated and have pitted thickening and contain prisms in them. The pharmacognosy of the bark of Hunteria eburnea. Pharmacognosy related to age of neem bark. Pharmacognosy of streblus bark drug.

If someone takes this medicine twice a day regularly, he feels very relief from chronic stones. It consists of phloem parenchyma, medullary rays and groups of stone cells arranged in tangential rows separated by medullary rays.


Bark is collected from 8 to 12 years old trees by making suitable transverse and longitudinal incisions. International Journal of Crude Drug Research 20 1: Com Contact Us Click in Hindi.

This powder should be taken with honey and rice water because it helps to prevent dysentery. Sources, Preparation and Uses With Diagram. Phloem parenchyma traverse the medullary rays at right angles through such pieces are not seen many number. The cortical parenchyma surrounding the stone cells and as well the stone cells themselves contain rhomboidal crystals.

Free for everyone, free solution and all health problems and more information are in www. Wrightia tinctoria bark, an adulterant of Kurchi.

Pharmacognosy of Thevetia peruviana bark. The parenchymatous cells contain rhomboidal crystals and a few starch grains.

Kurchi Bark

Mix ground bark of kurchi tree with curd and give it to the patient regularly, it brings out stones after breaking. Make a decoction by boiling kurchi bark, mild himalaya cherry, dry ginger, red sandal, tinospora, roxab leaves Patol and coriander 5 grams each with water.

Acta Horticulturae A: It is used in the same way as Kurchi bark. Indigenous to tropical Himalayas at ft. Pharmacognostic studies on Kurchi Bark.

Make the powder by grinding kurchi bark, holarrhena antidysentrica wall indrajavIndian berberin, Indian atees, dry ginger and flowers of downy grislea together. Pharmacognosy of Kurchi bark.

After that, give this decoction to the patient to prevent bloody amoebic dysentery. Indian Jour Pharm 10 3: All types of health information are provided by this site free of cost for social welfare if you like this; please share this site on your platform as like- Website, Blog, Your Social Media account and any other web portal.


Transformations of Kurchi alkaloids IV Structural correlation of the Kurchi alkaloid, holarrhimine and the Apocyanacae alkaloids, paravallarines. If someone has been suffering from bloody diarrhoea, he should take a decoction of kurchi bark with honey because it provides relief in this disease. The stone cells in the secondary phloem are encircled by a sheath of parenchyma containing rhomboidal crystals of calcium oxalate. It is found that from July to September, the bark contains maximum percentage of alkaloids and should preferably be collected during the above period.

It is bitter in taste. Appeal for Social Welfare All types of health information are provided by this site free of cost for social welfare if you like this; please share this site on your platform as like- Website, Blog, Your Social Media account and any other web portal. Kurchi bark and Kutaiarishta Distribution of alkaloids and assay.

International Journal of Crude Drug Research 22 2: Indian Biologist 20 2: Shows outer cork, wide Phelloderm containing stone cells and wide phloem with medullary ray and tangentially arranged stone cells. Bark Hollarhena Floribunda obtained from Tropical Africa contains 1.

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