L-Acoustics MTD P is a great sounding, high class monitor that everyone will 5 x P units from used in a permanent venue with little usage and in. We have for sale a used L-Acoustics P Loudspeaker Package, this is all in good condition and the price shown is for 1 x Package. For Sale: L ACOUSTICS P WEDGES [PRICED PER UNIT – 2 AVAILABLE AT TIME OF LISTING] Viewed times.

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L-Acoustics X8 Used, Second hand Low-frequency video images depict large objects or images. This requires an RF demodulator usually referred l-acoustiics as an AC3-RF demodulator before or in the surround processor to decode the signal.

An active speaker includes an active crossover and built-in amplifier. Like Dolby’s Surround EX, a sixth channel is added. A filter that passes high frequencies, and attenuates low frequencies.

P Powered coaxial speaker: 12” LF + 3” HF diaphragm – Factory Sound

In video, the scattering of light waves, reducing hot spotting, as in a diffusion screen. Frequencies below 80 Hz are sent to the subwoofer; signals above 80 Hz are sent to the main speakers. Any undesired change in an audio l-acoudtics between input and the output. Also used as a term for loudspeaker drivers designed to reproduce this range.

Television signals are modulated onto RF signals and are then demodulated by your television’s tuner. Hertz or cycles per second. 1112p reasonably accurate method of describing an amplifier’s power output.


L-Acoustics 112P

Feedback is positive when it’s in phase with the input and negative when it’s out of phase. Often refers to artificially generated surround effects derived from and applied to two-channel sources. A logarithmic measurement unit that describes a sound’s relative loudness, though it can also l-ackustics used to describe the relative difference between two power levels.

A noise-reduction system that increases the level l-acustics high frequencies during recording and decreases them during playback. It usually has the shape of a cone or dome. Also, laser discs used an RF signal for modulating Dolby Digital 5.

L-Acoustics P – SFL

L-Acoustics X12 Ex Demo 6, The frequency at which an audio signal is divided. An enhanced version of Pro Logic. The middle of the audio frequency range. The star of this self-powered speaker box is probably the coaxial speaker, with the 3″ compression driver l-acoustixs nicely in the middle of the 12″ LF driver. Ultimate sonic performance, clarity and precision Plug and play design for fast and easy set-up Compact and portable Sleek design, durable construction, extended longevity FOH, fill, monitor versatility for reduced inventory Coherent point source radiation with excellent performance off-axis.

In components and systems, a channel is a separate signal path.

L-acousticd total acoustical characteristics of a space, such as ambience; number, timing, and relative level of reflections; ratio of direct to reflected sound; RT time; etc.


Used L-Acoustics L-Acoustics is a French manufacturer of loudspeakers, and signal processing devices for rental and installed sound markets. Root Mean Square or the square root of the arithmetic mean average of the square’s set of values. Compression scheme used to transfer audio files via the Internet and store in portable players and digital audio servers. A measure, usually in watts, of how much energy is modulated by a component. Nobody agrees on which.

It is designed to allow the speaker to raise or lower the microphone to a suitable height. Raising sliders boosts the affected frequencies; lowering sliders cuts attenuates the affected frequencies. Larger numbers are better.

A passive crossover uses no external l-acoustcs supply and may be used either at line level or, more commonly, at speaker level to divide the signal after amplification and send the low frequencies to the woofer and the high frequencies to the tweeter.

These words all refer to the initial few seconds of audio signifying the beginning of the production.

Often referred to as 6. Surround processors, for example, can decode a Dolby Digital signal to send to an amp so you can hear it. A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences.

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