Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings). Home · Way of the Ninja L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more. L5R/Oriental Adventures: Way of the Ninja. Recently, during a gaming session, I came up with an Absolute Ontological Truth in gaming, which I now call the. Way of the Ninja – “Ninja are nothing more than peasant superstition and an Game Masters running the Second Edition L5R RPG will need a.

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The group knows he’s doing horrible stuff, not quite how, but don’t care to know. The remaining chapters cover various clans and organizations that utilize ninja and other ninja-like operatives.


He is a mercenary. The Lying Darkness was destroyed, but the leadership was subsumed by a corrupt Dragon of Air. I understand the whole “ninja don’t exist” thing and that being caught as a ninja is effectively game over or a really bad situation for the character. I’ve always liked the oniwaban spymaster style of shinobeing, where your lord expects you to come up with information you probably have no business knowing about others, relies on this from you, and in return offers the courtesy of not treating you teh suspicion in an unspoken understanding of roles.


Absolutely no harassment, sexism, homophobia, racism, if speech, or anything in between will be tolerated.

Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings) – PDF Free Download

The third chapter covers the Goju. I tried to do a bushi cover and it sucked with the very limited combat skills that the Shosuro Ninja has. The first include a number of new equipment items. L5R Wikia – A good resource for lore about Rokugan. A few ideas are discussed for making how ninja PCs can be ninka included in a Rokugan or other Oriental Adventures campaign.

Rokugan is sometimes referred to as the Emerald Empire. Most of the ‘ninja’ in my games are schooled as Bushi or Courtiers, with a focus on their sneaky abilities. If that means picking the Infiltrator or Actor school and posing as a Courtier or Bushi, so be it.

Way of the Ninja

No sharing pirated material. That can work as an object in the setting, but doesn’t work very well as a character. However, intentionally trolling, beating a dead-horse topic, arguing in bad faith, or stirring disagreements on an unrelated topic is prohibited. Not at their home, where he followed and broke in going over the roof.

ninj Saturday, 10th July, A typical bushi also has ninja training. A few dojos are discussed. Percieved honour helps Yes, he definitely overheard those people in a streetfood restaurant. Fortunately, the interior text is dense.

Noone would question the word of an honourable Samurai? The Goju Stalker is specialized in finding corruptible individuals. Thus I’ve been looking into Ninja. Is it the writing style?


Way of the Ninja | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

lf A truth that holds for playing a spy in any setting. The fourth chapter discusses a number of minor ninja dojos. It’s very similar to asking what the Shosuro Actor does when they’re not being sneaky and dishonourable.

So sure, there are ninja Infiltrators, Actors, Shugenja and the like depending on the tthe material you have access tobut most ninja in my game are not schooled as such. The goal is keeping up plausible deniability.

Want to add to the discussion? Chapter one covers the scorpion, the clan from which ninja originated in the Rokugan setting. As th everyone else is pointing out, perceived honor and plausible deniability is key.

A new system is introduced here similar to the taint system for recording shadow corruptionand a new prestige class is introduced, the Goju Stalker. One new prestige class and many new feats are introduced in this chapter. There are two appendices.

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