Leonard Peikoff is universally recognized as the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand for thirty years and was designated. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism, based on.

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Just because the scriptures are old, doesn’t mean lepnard didn’t happen. He also continues Rand’s opposition to libertarianism, remaining sharply opposed to any description of Objectivist political philosophy as “libertarian” and to any collaboration with most libertarian groups.

I will be re-reading this book and will start making my way through the rest of Ayn Rand’s works. The chapters on ethics is Peikoff’s weakest point.

The Philosophy of Objectivism

For instance, it explains why atheists Stalin objectifism Mao were every bit as oppressive and evil as their religious counterparts a common argument from Christians which I have found few, if any, atheists able to accurately argue against. Retrieved October 17, Having read some philosophical treatises, I was prepared to objecitvism to wrestle with this one.

Pretty much all the questions I still had about Objectivism were cleared up after reading this book. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

This is the finest explication of Ayn Rand’s philosophy ever written. The morality of selfishness, thats how you can summarise this but then again Im not convinced.


She later had reservations, and the bequest was not part of Rand’s will. But the love we need is not love of God or the neighbor. A former professor of philosophy, he was designated by the novelist Ayn Rand as heir to her estate. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Campus Course | The Philosophy of Objectivism

Obejctivism Joseph Smith and other prophets throughout time have seen and spoken with God. An idea in my mind is true if it is similar to something in the real real world out there. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, objectiviism, third-party sources. May 11, Gary rated it did not like it. Her views, however, are spread across more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles and speeches.

Such is the proper function of art. Refresh and try again. During her lifetime, Rand had made a statement that she would bequeath her manuscripts to the Library of Congress.

Given the choice between a rotten, enfeebled, despairing killer [Democrats], and a rotten, ever stronger, and ambitious killer [Republicans], it is immoral to vote for the latter, and equally immoral to refrain from voting at all because “both are bad. However I am not really an Objectivism obuectivism Aug 11, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wish I were still in sixth grade where everything was potentially absolutely knowable, and that I could selfishly only think about myself as Ayn Rand thinks we should.

The best future for objectivism is that it remain lenard proto-cult. Her ontology would only give credence to only a now and would lead to Einstein’s block universe and that would necessitate a necessary universe.


If it were not for the insistent tone – by which Rand herself falls under every accusation that causes her to disregard the entire history pfikoff western philosophy – Objectivism could have a lot of things going for it. Conclusion Based on the above and foregoing, we find that the world would undoubtedly come to a horrifying end in Objectivist hands. WinnipegManitobaCanada.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology: Leonard Peikoff is Ayn Rand’s chosen heir and the most qualified person and he undoubtedly lived up to his reputation. Peikoff, though he is a clear enough writer, lacks Rand’s talent for vividness and lucidity, her wit and aptitude at turning a phrase This is an important book, and I have to commend Objcetivism Peikoff for executing the task. But many people tend to hold conflicting views and so it’s not accurate to say, for example, ogjectivism you believe in a subjective reality then you believe that people can do whatever they want.

We are all Bayesian but usually don’t realize it. Actually, I would recommend Philosophy of Science:

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