Leptadenia pyrotechnica is a shrub found in desert areas belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae. It is an important medicinal plant and all. Leptadenia pyrotechnica in the Botanic Library. Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai ยท Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai. Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Hindi: [khai) is the botanical name of a desert herb of the Being highly brought-resistant, leptadenia pyrotechnica has played an.

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Introduction The history of medicinal pant is parallel to the human beings. Wound healing property Wound healing activity of L. Traditional use of medicinal plants among rural communities of churu district in the Thar Desert.

Protection of Indian traditional knowledge. Plant growing in native habitat Photograph by: Flowering plant Photograph by: The shoots were firstly planted in nursery and then in the natural habitat successfully.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica – Useful Tropical Plants

Phytogeographical Distribution Leptadania pyrotechnica Forssk. Anthelminthic activity on the Leptadenia pyrotechnica forsk.

Antimicrobial potency and synergistic activity offive traditionally used Indian medicinal plants. In another study conducted by Moustafa et al.

The callus formation was performed by using plant hormones i. The transgenic plants were evaluated by polymerase chain reaction PCR and southern blotting. Support Center Support Center. Qualitative and quantitative phytochemical screening from root and aerial parts of L.

Three cardiac glycosides were isolated by Moustafa et al.


Plant sap For skin diseases and diabetes, smallpox, psorosis Kateva et al. They prepared ethanolic extract by taking root and aerial parts powder further into petroleum ether and ethanol. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. Its roots are used as vegetables Ali et al.


Plant conservation and management Due to the highly medicinal value and rapid usage of the L. Triterpenoid from Leptadenia pyrotechnica. This species holds variety of bioactive constituents that trigger healing properties. The results showed the successful gene transformation that could be used for the insertion of desired genes in L.

Watafua M, Geidam M. Besides, Methanolic extract extracted maximum phytochemicals than the rest of solvents. The anthelmintic activity of methanolic extract of L.

Vegetation diversity and role of Leptadenia pyrotechnica in biomass contribution carbon storage in arid zone of India. This activity might be due to the presence of alkaloids in the plant. It is also found along the seacoast Ali et al. A, Abido M, Abahussain A. Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens; Kew. The toxicity of these flavonoids was also checked on brine shrimps pyrotechnic showed that E-I, E-I.

The free radical activity of root and aerials parts of the plant was carried out by Munazir et al. Hepatoprotective activity of whole plant leptwdenia of Leptadenia pyrotechnica against paracetamol induced damage in rats.

It has pod like fruits that are cooked as vegetable. Leptadneia twigs Used as toothbrush Maydell, Sonication-assisted efficient Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of the multipurpose woody desert shrub Leptadenia pyrotechnica Plant Cell Tiss.


Stems, with a mature seedpod Photograph by: Their Characteristics and Uses. Metabolites present in different plant parts of L. Phytochemistry, pharmacology and traditional uses of Leptadenia pyrotechnica An important medicinal plant.

Medicinal and non-medicinal uses of some plants found in the middle region of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, it also prevented the plaque formation in the arteries. Ethnobotany of Rohri Hill, Sindh, Pakistan.

The flowers are yellowish green, bisexual, pentamarous and actinomorphic.

Evaluation of antdiabetic activity of whole plant of Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forssk. Antibacterial activity of some selected Indian medicinal flora.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica

The paracetamol affected rats showed the symptoms of liver necrosis, reduced hepatocytes, cytoplasm vaculation and compression of sinusoids.

The primary metabolites are given in Table 2. It was the new addition in the pentacyclic triterpenoid that was named as 3-glycol-oleanolic acid or Pyrotechnoic acid.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica is leptadsnia used for treating various diseases. Traditional ethno-botanical uses of medicinal plants from coastal areas of Pakistan. It is leafless to pyrptechnica small leaves which usually fall in the early stage of development. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Its fiber has expectorant activity Al-Yahiya, Its seeds are hairy in the form of tufts.

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