Justia Argentina. search. My Account. Log In Sign Up. search. Find a Lawyer · Ask a Lawyer Ley Nº Descarga el documento en version PDF. Regimen de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley 19, Texto Ordenado Segun Decreto Con La Incorporacion de Las Leyes 19, Argentina Zunino. Ley de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley Comentada y Concordada: Normativa Complementaria (Serie de Legislacion Comentada) (Spanish Edition) by.

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Sectionsubsection 1 of Law The purpose of a UTE is to enable two or more persons to provide or perform a specific project, service or supply, within or outside Argentina. The main features of this type of entity are that the equity is made up of interest shares, and the partners limit their liability to the payment of equity committed at the organization agreement. Within the same idea, section 2 lists certain conducts that constitute practices restricting competition.

Each has competent jurisdiction under sections andrespectively, of the LSC.

Ley Nº 23576

The advantage of a transfer of an ongoing concern is that the purchaser has a mechanism that enables it to know the business liabilities accurately, and so avoid any surprises from concealed or non-declared liabilities. Non-money contributions must be fully paid-in at the time of registration.

Return to KudoZ list. Most registered entities are corporations or limited liability companies. The entity is managed by one or more managers, who may be partners or not. Such debt notes or interest certificates must be issued pursuant to a brochure including the issuance conditions. If the directors are multiple, a majority must have their actual residence in Argentina. Upon registration with the Public Registry of Commerce, the property of the entities being consolidated or absorbed is transferred in its argentiba to the new entity or to the absorbing entity, as the case may be.


Under section 6 of the Law, economic concentration means taking control of one or multiple businesses, by any of the following: Shares of common stock entitle the holder to preference in the subscription of new shares of the same class, in proportion with the holding. Basically, it regulates what are prohibited agreements and practices; dominant market argemtina concentrations and mergers and their prior administrative control by the controlling authority.

The board may consist of one or more directors. For this reason, such property may not be claimed or affected by any creditor of the grantor or the trustee, except in the event of fraud by the grantor. Limited Aregntina Companies S. In a consolidation, two or more entities transfer their assets and liabilities to a new entity organized for the purpose. In a merger, an existing entity absorbs the assets and liabilities of one or more entities that are subsequently dissolved.

The CNDC has 45 days to pass on the matter, as from the submittal of all the required documentation. View forum View forum without registering key UserVoice.

Based upon the cashflow resulting from the transferred assets, the Trustee issues debt notes or interest certificates backed by the trust property. Where the notes or certificates are the subject of a public offering, the relevant CNV rules apply. Monica Colangelo Argentina Local time: Dollars at the present exchange rate.

art. 234 Inc. 1ro. Ley 19,550

What is the best way to annotate this in English? An omission or violation of the Law 11, results in joint, several and unlimited liability of the purchaser, seller or broker who committed the violation, for the amount of 15950 unpaid claim and up to the amount of the selling price. Upon the lapse of such term, if no decision has been made on the matter, the transaction is deemed implicitly approved.

Once the party has paid in such contribution, it is released from any debt of the entity, except in cases such as abuse, acts or things clearly unrelated to the entity purpose, or deviation from the entity 15950. Automatic update in Subject to compliance with certain requirements, the transaction will obtain a tax treatment that is advantageous to the absorbing entity.


The minimum capitalization of an S.

Los 6 puntos relevantes del proyecto de Ley de Emprendedores – Infobae

Preferred shares may lack voting rights, except in certain cases contemplated under section of the LSC. The practical importance of a trust is that the property transferred in trust is kept separate from the property of the trustee and the grantor.

Spanish PRO pts in category: 1950 the argeentina of an entity that already exists in Argentina, which has a similar corporate purpose, we must review if the acquisition must be reported for approval by the National Commission for Defense of Competition CNDCas controlling authority of the Law for Defense of Competition. The LSC provides a procedure to effect key, which includes its approval by the members, publication of notices to protect third-party creditors, signing a final merger agreement and registration with the Public Registry of Commerce.

Purchase and Sale of Shareholding Interests 3. Its effect upon third parties is subject to the document being entered into in writing and registered with the RPC.

This is a federal law that determines permitted types of business associations. Post Your ideas for ProZ. Peer comments on this xrgentina and responses from the answerer agree.

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