The reform of the “Ley de vagos y maleantes” (“Vagrancy Act”) declared homosexuality illegal, equating it with procuring. The text of the law declares. This is a list of notable events in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) The reform of the “Ley de vagos y maleantes” ( “Vagrancy Act”) declared homosexuality illegal, equating it with procuring. The text of the. The present Ley sobre Vagos y Maleantes, Law of Vagrants and Crooks, which dates from , permits the administrative detention for up to.

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Ratificado por Venezuela el 10 de mayo de Some gay activists deplore the fact that, even today, reparations have not been made.

And although the authority of the Holy Scripturesand the censure of earthly laws, alike, prohibit offences of this kind, it is nevertheless necessary to condemn them by a new decree; lest if timely correction be deferred, still greater vices may arise. As previously stated, the application of this law affects primarily the poor who usually cannot afford independent legal counsel. Amnesty International believes, however, that practices that compromise fundamental civil rights and contravene the international human rights obligations of Venezuela cannot be accepted as legitimate law enforcement or crime prevention measures.


Anyone who has been victim of unlawful arrest or detention shall have an enforceable right to compensation. The text of the law declares that the measures in it “are not proper punishments, but mere security measures, set with a mxleantes preventive end, with the purpose of collective guarantee and the aspiration of correcting those subjects fallen to the lowest levels of morality.

This principle shall not limit the orders of a competent judicial authority issued for non-fulfilment of duties of support.

Moreover, there are no safeguards in the LPSC that would prevent the mxleantes from applying the same sentence ad infinitum to an individual who, in their view, had not been “rehabilitated” during previous periods of reclusion.

Mxleantes was highly illegal under the dictatorship of Francisco Vagsowith laws against homosexual activity vigorously enforced and gays being imprisoned in large numbers. Many of those detained under this law are subjected to torture and ill-treatment or sent to prisons whose conditions vagps to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment [6]. Although the LPSC specifies the right of the defendant to legal counsel, it imposes time constraints similar to those found in the Law of Vagrants and Crooks.

Amnesty International welcomes the proposal to have local courts administer the LPSC, but remains concerned that the proposed Dr contains a number of provisos, carried over from the Ley sobre Vagos y Maleantes which continue to be in breach of the same international standards as the Law of Vagrants and Crooks and which could lead to similar violations of human rights as those described in this document.

He was detained for his peaceful activities on behalf of peasants involved in a land dispute and was subsequently sentenced to a year’s administrative detention under the Law of Vagrants and Crooks. The majority of these people are subsequently released after a few hours, but many are held under the Law of Vagrants and Crooks and kept for many days in cells in police stations and in prisons.


A los efectos de esta Ley se entienden como tales aquellos que habitualmente vagan por el maelantes viviendo de lo que hurten o se apropien. However, in the s clandestine gay scenes began to emerge in Spain. The present Ley sobre Bagos y Maleantes, Law of Vagrants and Crooks, which dates frompermits the administrative detention for up to five years, without judicial appeal or review, of people deemed by the police to be a threat to society, but against whom there is no evidence of punishable crimes that may stand in a court of law.

Amnesty International urges the Venezuelan authorities to repeal the Ley sobre Vagos y Maleantes, Law of Vagrants and Crooks; to charge all detainees held vaogs the present Law of Vagrants and Crooks with recognizable criminal offenses and to bring them before a court of law, or lley release them; and to constitute an independent legal Commission to look at the compatibility, or otherwise, of the present Law of Vagrants and Crooks and the proposed LPSC with national and international law.

The Minister’s decision is final. Moreover, the organization has not received a reply from the Venezuelan authorities regarding this case.

Campos de concentración para vagos y maleantes en España |

Pey who is deprived of his liberty by arrest or detention shall be entitled to take proceedings before a court, in order that that court may decide without delay on the lawfulness of his detention and order his release if the detention is not lawful.

In theory, it should not house inmates under the Law of Vagrants and Crooks, although in practice, prisoners from CAR El Dorado are transferred to the Casa Amarilla as a means of punishment. Mzleantes person has the right to personal liberty and security.

Retrieved 20 January In Catia he was reportedly ill-treated by the prison guards. Consequently, they are entitled, without discrimination, to equal protection of the law.

Anyone who is arrested shall be informed, at the time of the arrest, of he reasons for his arrest and shall be promptly informed of any charges against him. The law classifies as Vagos or vagrants, those out of work, or allegedly working in illicit professions “constituting a threat to society” [3] ; those profiting from prostitution or from illegal activities attempting against the public moral or customs; loiterers and others promoting idleness; and those begging for money under religious pretexts, employing minors and the mentally-ill for begging or pretending to be physically disabled or sick in order to beg.

It shall not be the general rule that persons awaiting trial shall be detained in custody, but release may be subject to guarantees to appear for trial, at any other stage of the judicial proceedings, and, should occasion arise, for execution of the judgement.

Retrieved 11 February Thursday, 27 December During the proceedings, every person is entitled, with full equality, to the following minimum guarantees:.

An accused person, acquitted by a non-appealable judgement, shall not be subjected to a new trial for the same cause. LGBT history in Europe. The attorney’s report is then received by the governor, who must confirm, modify or revoke the sentence within another three days. Vavos Law’s definition of “vagrants” and “crooks” is so vague that it raises serious questions as to whether its provisions are compatible with the principle of equality before the law, as malesntes out for example in Art.


Refworld | The Law of Vagrants and Crooks: Suppressing Dissent and Punishing the Poor

His sentence was later increased to 30 months’ imprisonment by the Ministry of Justice. CS1 Spanish-language sources es. In State Parties whose laws provide that anyone who believes himself to maoeantes threatened with deprivation of his liberty is entitled to recourse to a competent court in order that it may decide on the lawfulness of such threat, this remedy may no be restricted or abolished. Amnesty International believes that the procedure applicable under this law is so akin to a penal action that it malrantes carry the same guarantees as those established in international norms for a fair trial, including the right to proper defence and the presumption of innocence, as established in articles 9 and 14 of h International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICCPR and articles 7 and 8 of the American Convention on Human Rights ACHR.

Malrantes people are referred to as “prisoners of conscience” POCs and Amnesty International works towards their immediate and unconditional release. The organization urges their immediate release as prisoners of conscience and calls for full and immediate investigations into reports of their torture and ill-treatment at the hands of prison guards and members of the National Guard. This is a list of notable events in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights that took place in Spain.

On 8 December he was transferred to the Centro Penitenciario de GuayanaGuayana Prison, also known as the Casa Amarilla yellow housea prison adjacent to CAR El Dorado [10] He was reportedly beaten while in the Casa Amarilla and subjected to repeated harassment by prison wardens and members of the National Guard apparently as a consequence of his sexual orientation. It can also be applied to individuals merely on the basis of their past penal records: This would amount to an actual sentence of four years.

Criminal procedure shall be public, except in so far as may be necessary to protect the interests of justice. Ratificada por Venezuela el 9 de agosto de The interested party or another person in his behalf is entitled to seek these remedies. The press and public may be excluded from all or part of a trial for reasons of morals, public order ordre public or national security in a democratic society, or when the interest of the private lives of the Parties so requires, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the court in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the interests of justice; but any judgement rendered in a criminal case or in a suit at law shall be made public except where the interest of juvenile persons otherwise requires or the proceedings concern matrimonial disputes of the guardianship of children.

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