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The employer must avoid exposing pregnant or lactating women to risks. The employer, in consultation with workers and their representatives, must expose in writing the policy on safety and health at work, which must be developed in accordance with the following points: The consumption of tobacco at the 299783 is forbidden. The law says “anyone” and there is not any provision explicitly excluding migrant workers from the definition of “worker”.

Labour Inspectors have the function to practice any investigation, examination or test they deem necessary to ensure that health and safety laws are properly observed. Meeting minutes are prepared and must be entered in the book for minutes. When workers are carrying out high risk activities, the employer is obliged to organize pre-employment, periodical and post employment at the end of the leyy relationship medical examinations.

Nature and composition of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work The National Council for Safety and Health at Work must be created and defined as the highest advisory body on safety and health at work. Labour inspectors can undertake inspection visits.

The Regulation establishes the mandatory registers for the employer which could be made separately or in a sole book.

Ley sst | Gianna ARISTONDO TURIN –

It must vigilate the application of labour law and require the compliance with OSH provisions among other duties. The employer cannot make any deductions from the workers salary on the basis of the breast feeding break. The employer must ensure the establishment of the OSH committee and its effective functioning. The employer on whose premises the workers carry out activities together with workers of contractors, subcontractors, companies providing special services and cooperatives, or the person that assumes the main contract, must ensure the following: Szt employer must define the qualifications required for each job and must take measures to ensure that every worker in the organization is able to carry out duties and obligations related to health and safety, and must establish training programs as part of the working day so as to achieve and maintain the required qualifications.


Correspondencia Ley 29783 y OHSAS

The employer must update the assessment of risks at the workplace at least once per year. Companies with most representative unions incorporate a one union member as an observer. This information must be shown in the inspection procedures ordered by the administrative authority. There is no criminal responsibility in case the death or serious injury is caused because of nonobservance of OSH provisions by the worker.

It will be tripartite in nature and attached to the Labour and Employment Promotion Sector. Inspectors have the power to require the inspected persons to take the necessary measures related to facilities, work equipment ldy working methods in order to ensure compliance with OSH provisions.

Pérou – 2015

The employer shall register the OSH management system, either by physical or electronic means. There is also legislation covering specific OSH aspects: OSH representatives may issue appropriate recommendations in order to improve working conditions and environment, ensuring that measures are taken and monitoring their efficiency.

Home workers fall under the scope of the definition of worker provided by the Law. Imprisonment will be from 1 to 4 years when the offence results from the nonobservance of professional or occupational rules; and from 1 to 6 years when the same event caused several victims.

The resources of the National Institute of Health are the following: These registers and documents shall be up-to-date and shall be made available to the workers and the competent authority, respecting the right to confidentiality.


This break may be also taken as two breaks of 30 minutes each one.

Workers are under the obligation to comply with OSH related legislation. The National Health Institute has the following functions: National OSH Committee, protection of pregnant and lactating women, sexual harassment, labour inspection, etc. However, there is a general provision on compensations establishing that the failure of the employer’s duty to prevent occupational risks generates the obligation to pay compensation to victims.

However, it is not a requirement. General Office of Internal Audit 3. Employers and medical centres are under the obligation to report occupational accidents, dangerous incidents and occupational diseases to the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion.

In xst, there are several pieces of legislation regulating occupational safety and health in the mining sector and for dock workers.

The person who deliberately violate OSH provisions and being legally obliged to comply with them, and having been notified previously by the competent authority because of the lack of adoption of measures foreseen in the labour provisions and as a direct consequence to this nonobservance, have exposed the lives, health and physical integrity of their workers to an imminent risk shall be sanctioned with imprisonment from 1 to 4 years.

In any of these cases, the costs shall be borne by the employer. In case of default, the main company is jointly liable for any damages and claims that may arise.

Employers must provide a safety and health service which must organise the first aid and urgent proceedings at the workplace.

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