Hyman, came from a Polish village, name of Konin, located in a part of 1 Libbie Henrietta Hyman left with the Academy a brief autobiography of about. “This issue of Novitates consists of papers presented at a symposium on the life and work of American zoologist Dr. Libbie Henrietta Hyman, , held at. Hyman received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago (), where she had a research appointment (–31) under the.

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Before she ceased to be Child’s assistant, she had embarked on the kind of research that made her the leading invertebrate zoologist of North America.

My earliest recollections concern flowers. American zoologist who authored several widely used texts and reference works on invertebrate and vertebrate zoology during the s and s. Recent European revisions of the triclads and their application to the American forms, with a key to the latter and new notes on distribution. Inshe was made an honorary research associate of the museum.

She worried that the scientific public regarded the book as based on her own work rather than on the researches of others. Winston provides an introduction to Libbie Hyman’s early years. But as the molecular processes underlying differentiation are more fully elucidated, it is certain that yhman time will come when the biology of the whole embryo again becomes interesting.

I took and passed the state examinations for teaching in the country schools but was informed that I was too young to be appointed. She followed this, again at the publisher’s request, with A Laboratory Manual for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy[4] which also had great success.

With the success of these laboratory manuals, Hyman began to contemplate writing a similar book on invertebrates to stimulate the teaching of her preferred subject. Hyman served as editor of the journal Systematic Zoology from to Trish Morse has donated a variety of books from her personal collection, including these exciting titles.


Libbie Henrietta Hyman was a specialist in invertebrate and vertebrate zoology.

Despite widespread recognition for her scientific accomplishments, no university would hire her, apparently because she was Jewish, a woman, and considered to be outspoken and abrasive.

New York City, 3 August invertebrate zoology. I then tried chemistry for a while but dropped it when I realized that chemical advance is based on quantitative procedures. Lack of llbbie is the main reason that forces me to abandon my invertebrate project. She moved back to New York City in when she felt the need to spend more time on her writing. She also collected butterflies and moths and later wrote, “I believe my interest in nature is primarily aesthetic.

Libbie Henrietta Hyman

She also spent several summers studying specimens and drawing illustrations at Bermuda Biological LaboratoryMarine Biological LaboratoryMt.

At present I am working on volume VI, which ,ibbie near completion, but the rapid decline of my health and strength in the last few years makes it impossible for me to continue the project.

Description of three new species with a key to the libbie species. Des MoinesIowa, 6 December ; d. She seemed incapable of feelings of affection.

Libbie Henrietta Hyman | American zoologist |

The handwritten text of Thorson’s message to Hardy is inside the card and thus is not visible because of the framing.

She was class valedictorian but had failed to attract the attention hhman her science teachers. At home, scolding and fault-finding were my daily portion. InHyman concluded that she could live on the royalties of her published books, and she also recognized that her mentor Child was about to retire. Inafter the publication of the first volume hymah The Invertebratesshe received an honorary doctorate of sciences from the University of Chicago ; inlibbiw National Academy of Sciences awarded her the Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal for her scholarship; and inshe became the third American to receive a Gold Medal in Zoology from the Linnaean Society.


Libbie Henrietta Hyman | Jewish Women’s Archive

Life and Contributions Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? She acquired a small, but valuable art collection, and made summer collecting trips to marine laboratories. To view articles you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

It includes both the inquiry into individual animals and their constituent parts, even to the molecular level, and the inquiry into animal populations, entire faunas, and the hymman of…. In she bought a house in the country in order to enjoy a large garden and daily commuted to the Museum of Natural History.

Libbie Henrietta Hyman : life and contributions. American Museum novitates ; no. 3277

VII of the Invertebrate Zoology series. Hyman’s interest in invertebrates had a strong aesthetic component; she confessed a deep fondness for “the soft delicate ones, the jellyfishes and corals and the beautiful microscopic organisms. Hyman’s earlier work, done under the direction of C.

Contributions began after her appointment as research associate at the American Museum of Natural History and continued for 25 years, resulting in 11 taxonomic papers, the last published in

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