for inclusion to LKPR noise category 1 or 2; delayed arrivals and .. CHART. Between LT the ACFT performing instrument approach. LKPR. Praha/Ruzyne Airport. ARINC Data Effective Z. VFR Chart of LKPR. IFR Chart of LKPR. Location Information for LKPR. LKPR – Praha Ruzyně. LKPR METAR: LKPR Z KT BKN 05/M00 Q NOSIG Wingspan mapa / Wingspan chart [VACC-CZ].

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Given how busy the airport is I do not think that chsrt fees are excessive. Always get the newest development version automatically: You can use a google account if you have one.


The address above cannot be found, please try again. The latitude and longitude of the marker will be automatically transmitted. If you use a smartphone that embeds the GPS coordinates in the pictures, then you can send any picture of a weather station to gps photo.

Cargo Terminal 1 operated by Menzies Aviation Czech; for freight flights only Cargo Terminal 2 operated by Skyport; for freight flights only.


See Terms of use for details. Note that any changes that you make may take a few days to show up here, so please give it a chxrt before commenting.

Edwin Slonim [ sabbasolo ]. TerraSync has it all! Create an account right here by entering a username and password and the anoying security-code will go away. You can try to find photographs from the area surrounding the site marker by clicking on Find nearby photographs. If you are a flickr user, then see the flickr section below. Located 10 kilometres west of the city centre, lkpe airport is a hub for Czech Airlines. A custom Airport Data package is available for download.

But, if you like busy airports with all the challenge in radio, than it is a very nice place to land. Other carnets, conditions for taxfree purchase, taxfree fuelprice, etc. Bachmann, Kai [ bachmann ]. Just go to flickr and click the ‘Create your account’ button. Things maybe have changed. What Informaiton should I enter here?

Johannes Scupin [ joscupin ]. Also when we started, we were one of 5 aircrafts rest IFR and 2 landings in between. They will automatically be resized appropriately.


If you had to create your account, then you must upload at least five pictures. Have a look at: Upload your airport images here: Move marker to new address.

A group of Czech developers is working on airports in Czech Republic and Slovakia and makes his scenery available for download on its homepage. Press Cancel if you do not know where the weather station is located.

LKPR – Václav Havel Airport Prague

There are no photographs of lkpe station. Why do I need to register? On flight back allow for appr. Or you can register using the registration form and provide additional information about yourself and the airplane you fly.

Otherwise you can simply email the pictures as follows: Next click on ‘Choose Photos and Videos’, and walk through the process to upload your pictures.

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