Look at Me [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to. I had such a mistaken idea about Anita Brookner’s novels, until I picked up Julian Barnes remembers his friend Anita Brookner: ‘There was no one remotely like her’ . ‘Look at Me’, her third novel, is my personal favorite. Look At Me () by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘ loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to.

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None have come even close to living up to the first, “Hotel Du Lac”.

She has published over brookne works of fiction, notably: She meets Nick and Alix, boisterous types, and becomes emotionally dependent on them. I literally found myself leaning away from the book and tilting my head away as much as I could while still reading whenever they were on the page.

She has had two of her stories published but has set aside her writing, stuck in the routine of her life. Frances is a narrator we often meet in Brookner: Olivia is of course the only good character, symbolically disabled, mostly silent, and whose absence yet nrookner evoking remind us that Frances is not entirely in control or sole sovereign of her writing.

Look at Me, by Anita Brookner

But in the same way that she observes others – including Nick and Alix – as material for her stories and putative novel, Nick and Alix use others as social playthings. Surrounding her obsession with the Frasers ajita James is the spectre of what she implies was a devastating love affair.


It was published in but bears the solid literary heft of something a good deal older.

I’ve only just started reading Brookner, and this wasn’t one of my favourites I much prefer Hotel du Lac, and Family and Friendsbut it does still have of course Brookner’s wonderful writing.

Tuesday, 26 July Review: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Look At Me – Anita Brookner | Savidge Reads

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Purchase from The Book Depository. I, obviously, love men called James; I root for them whether they deserve it or not.

I googled and learned. There are indicators that the novel is set in the era of its publication, the early s, but they are few and far between: Frances is nowhere near as candid or, frankly, as scatological as Eileen, but the two characters talk so nakedly of their own unhappiness, inner turmoil and longing for more that at some points they could be speaking with one voice.


Enter Nick and Alex, who seem to be bursting with the kind of vitality that Fannie lacks. I am very orderly, and Spartan in my habits. It is especially vivid in terms of space and place. Open Preview See a Problem?

Or indeed, “Look at me”. Therein lies the danger of taking a risk, of casting aside your fear, and trying to live. Brookner The Debut has one serious problem with this talented second novel: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It is nice just hrookner have a random reading experience now and again, more often than not frankly. This leads to detriment to her life; her silent need to have others approval, especially from the Frasers causes her to completely compromised her own happiness and needs, even if she refuses to admit this to herself in any way.


They call her Little Orphan Fanny and carelessly bring her into their circle of friends. Something we never want to experience. James never did that. I did not find it as immediately engaging as I did Leaving Homebut there was the same minute level of detail within our protagonist, Frances, and she felt rather realistic in consequence.

Look at Me, by Anita Brookner | B. Morrison

Otherwise, it could anitw set in the early s or mids, and the book it most aanita me of was Claude Houghton’s I Am Jonathan Scrivener Maybe it’s referring to the experience of reading Brookner. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As in that brooner, I found deep satisfaction in the deliberate development of characters who side-stepped my preconceptions, surprising and delighting me. She maintains that she does not love James even as she builds an imagined future around him; insists that she doesn’t mind, even likes, Alix’s patronising habit of calling her ‘Little Orphan Fanny’, despite the fact that on the very first page of the book she baldly states ‘I do not like to be called Fanny’; tries to play down her adoration of the Frasers by claiming that the time she spends with them is all simply research for her fiction.

It can only be forgotten.

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