Lumenlab DIY Projector Guide v – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Has anyone been successful in accessing lumenlab’s forums? I have my full HD projector 99% complete, i just need some assistance with. However, the good folks at Lumenlab stand to make a killing off of this new projector that they’re selling for far less: $ What’s the secret?.

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New Lumenlab 1000 lumens projector on the cheap

The V w Electronic Ballast seems to be the most lumdnlab part of these plans. A couple days ago we mentioned that Lumenlab had released their top secret plans for building an LCD based projector.

Are trashed LCDs common? They even improve on the lumen design by reducing space with a mirror; fractionally more difficult, but the box is alot less….

You can grab a torrent of the plans here. The built in scaler supports input as well. There was enough interest for these that they actually had a custom controller built to support it. It costs about four times as much as its little brother, but it’s the way to go if you’re using a large LCD like we are.


The 20 dollars for the forum access is WELL worth it. The design is really quite simple. Well, why should you pay to get plans when you just can get the equivalent, legally, just by surfing on foreign websites. I am extremely satisfied with the results. If you’re projevtor on doing all the research yourself, there are couple of places to check out.

We run standard definition video through our video scalerbut there’s just not a good way lhmenlab push a HD signal into the PC from an external tuner like our HD Tivo. Notify me of new comments via email. But if your wallet is a little light from your last Engadget inspired shopping session you might dig our how-to latest project. Notably, the contrast ratio has been increasing.

We’re not going to feel guilty for it either, we know what we like. YOu could easily find all the parts from other sources, but I found that these prices are very fair.

Lumenlab DIY Projector – case | My friend Matt (mcconnellstu… | Flickr

By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Electronic ballasts are preferred because they’ll protect the bulb better and don’t produce annoying noise. Also Lumenlab had all the parts mad for this project, so they pdojector excellent quality.


Some use Ikea napkin holders, but we opted for this reflector from Lumenlab. If you want to make the screen look even better you could drop some cash on a nice screen.

How-To: Build your own HD projector (Part 1)

This beauty has a contrast ratio of We have lujenlab give props to the guys that are using the WXGA screen that’s usually only found in laptops to achieve native resolution. The 20bux was well spent. There was simply no question that the digital signal produced a much cleaner picture. Email required Address never made public.

Next time we’ll gut our sweet new LCD and give you all the details on doing it yourself. Focalcalc runs under windows.

How-To: Build your own HD projector (Part 1)

We picked up a pair of new cables to get our video signals to the new photon gun. We’ve geeked out, ordered a load of parts and scared our editors with the hardware tab.

Since we required their large lenses anyway, we ordered a set of matched Pro lenses.

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