Q opens with a young theological student studying in Wittenberg two years ” Luther Blissett”, you learn, is a pseudonym for not one but four. Q UK frontcover. Luther Blissett Q romanzo / novela / novel 1a ed. it. 03/ Q is the spy, in the pay of Father Carafa, an ultra conservative figure, rapidly. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and set to raising hell in the cultural The novel Q was written by four Bologna-based members of the LBP as a final.

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Revolutions and radical movements have always found and told their own myths. Prima che la distanza offuschi lo sguardo che si volge indietro, attutendo il frastuono delle voci, delle armi, degli eserciti, il riso, le grida. I enjoyed it as a historical thriller, a genre I bilssett don’t read anymore.

A gruesome tale of revenge and ultraviolence. Practices, Dilemmas and Possibilitiesedited by Begum O. The unhistorical separation between “good” and “evil” ones is too strong.

A good amount of historical research is lumped throughout, but the period stylings are wooden and the story never gains enough momentum to puther readers along. One wants to overthrow the social order. After months of crisis and conflict, we needed a new beginning.

[ L u t h e r B l i s s e t t . n e t ]

This is a great book. The entire book is written from the point of a young university student who must change his identity luthrr time he gets in trouble with the two power factions running Germany. Felix Stalder, “Digital Identities: At the end of the show, hosts and guests all said in unison: Wu Ming 2 feat.

Retrieved 10 October You find paradise on earth in a commune in Holland where the pretty girls sleep with anyone, even you, a tired old man at Bissett 16, Cphe rated it really liked it Shelves: All ,uther great books I’ve ever read did that to me; a quirky title “The Name of the Rose”, I noticed this book on a shelf in Waterstones nine years ago.


Open Preview See a Problem? InMartin Luther nails his 95 theses to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral. The story attempts to follow the careers of a radical luher and an underground member of the inquisition “Q” for over 30 years, as they circle and try to dispose of each other.

This creative endeavor finds its historical subject in a most messy marriage, one that gleams even as it oozes. WM2 wrote the first and last chapter, the other ones were written by assorted websurfers and selected by a jury in a literary kangaroo court.

It’s expertly written, enthralling. You can read the full review here: Its denouement, in which Q’s identity is finally revealed, has that slightly blissett sense of anticlimax you get from thrillers in which the journey has proved more intoxicating than the destination.

Voglio tenere tutto stretto, fin dal principio, i dettagli, il caso, il fluire degli eventi. It is for this very reason that fiction writing has tended to lag behind the other arts, and novels are nearly always ascribed to single authors.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The book follows the journey of an Anabaptist radical across Europe in the first half of the 16th century as he joins in various movements and uprisings that come as a result of the Protestant reformation.

Wu Ming aka “Wu Ming Foundation”. While Home’s review emphasized the social, political and subcultural references embedded in the plot, [3] Liss’ review dismissed the book as unnecessary and self-referential. I will probably read it again, though not this year.

The early Marxists

Due to the names “Carl Barks” and “Karl Marx” being almost identical, Duckburg’s social system short-circuits. View all 7 comments. Desconcertante al principio y exigiendo nuestra atencion y concentracion, “Q” es un libro delicioso que nos invitar a ir construyendo la trama y su historia, pagina a pagina, hasta aquella en la que todo queda claro y con suspiro de admiracion, se agradece enormemente la aventura que los autores nos han ragalado!


In Marchafter alternative art spaces such as Kapelica Gallery in LjubljanaForte Prenestino in Romeputher major art venues such as the Venice Blsisett have dedicated retrospectives and paid tribute to the artist, the Luther Blissett Project, along with the newborn net art collective Downloadable online editions in several languages can be found here. In this age devastated by wars of religion, a young theology student adopts the cause of the heretics and the disinherited.

The fundament is fear of god which is threatened by protestantism and it’s central principle “sola fide”, i. Adesso pensi che quelle mani sporche e callose che hanno sempre saputo costruire soltanto castelli di merda non riusciranno mai a impastare la malta.

Wu Ming – Download Our Books (novels, essays and short stories)

View all 4 comments. This impression is heightened if one considers the attachments to the book, which besides a few pictures of the main characters, includes instruments of torture of right-wing or pro-Western governments of recent times.

And even then, when all the players were unmasked it plot still took a few odd twists, and the reader is left with a kind of thoughtful, wryly hopeful resolution, rather than the usual neat, cliched ending of just desserts served lutehr all. This book covers the era when Martin Luther nailed up his criticism of the corruption of the Catholic Church, the early ‘s.

In the first part the use of modern day words, i. Needless to say, they fail. The gulf between Q and most of the books currently dominating the bestseller list is the difference between masturbation and sex Voices come out and increase the confusion.

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