Venetian Games mark the beginning of playing with aleatoricism in Lutosławski’s music. The score was written for wind instruments, a harp, a piano duet and. composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Venetian Games, for chamber on AllMusic. Witold Lutosławski. Written as a result of Lutosławski’s search for a new, individual of my new work that has determined the use of the word ‘game’ in the title”.

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The final movement is even more aleatoric than the opening one, with overlapping and contrasted instrumental blocks.

Meanwhile, the other instruments join in a succession of 16 chords. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A”, C”, E-6″, and G”. Sections B, D, F, and H function as contrasting interludes. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Thus, Section C utilizes woodwinds and 3 timpani; Section E utilizes woodwinds, 3 timpani, and 3 brass instruments; and Section G utilizes woodwinds, 3 timpani, 3 brass instruments, and piano. He later sent John Cage the manuscript of Venetian Games to express his gratitude for the inspiration, even though it only concerned the idea, and not specific musical consequences of its use.

The form of this movement is a result of using refrains and episodes, where the refrains are played aleatorically ad libitum, while the episodes luoslawski traditionally conducted a battuta.

Venetian Games, for chamber… | Details | AllMusic

With the invention of the aleatory technique, the composer entered a several-year period of Sturm und Drang, a rapprochement with the avant-garde. The lutoslawsi movement is a confrontation of two types of sounds.

The sections contrast with each other like a series of refrains and episode.

The phantasmagoric sound shapes which abandon the clearly defined motifs of the instrumental voices, the drifting rhythmic blatancy, the hazy illusory nature and fluid ambiguity of sound contours — these features make Venetian Games one of the most intriguing scores of new music, evoking beauty through the surprising strangeness of its elements. This is one of the most important of Lutoslawski’s compositions in terms of spreading his reputation worldwide.


The first movement ad libitum; the other movements are only marked metronomically: For example, the woodwind pitches of section A contain 12 notes and exhibit the following intervallic structure from bottom to top: Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from August Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August Sometimes the players can choose notes from a limited selection, resulting in the desired harmony but difference in melodic details.

Venetian Games is usually considered [ by whom? The composer came up with a new idea for shaping ensemble playing.

Each subsequent refrain adds instrumentation. The score was written for wind instruments, a harp, a piano duet and twelve stringed instruments their number is connected to the twelve-note harmony. Inspired by John CageVenetian Games is notable for its use of limited aleatory techniques. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Lutoslaski creates a fabric of fine, ethereal strands of contrapuntal voices with an indefinable, yet rich, shimmering microrhythm. It was written for performance in Venice in April Share on facebook gamez tumblr. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. In the third movement, the piano plays a twelve-tone row melodically, made of only perfect fourths and perfect fifths, in its prime and altered forms.

The Best of Lutoslawski. Understanding Post-Tonal Music First ed. It is accompanied by other woodwind veentian as well as the harp and the piano. A tumultuous climax fades in a long epilogue.

Venetian Games, for chamber orchestra

Concerto for Orchestra, etc. Sections A, C, E, and G function as a refrain. Thus, the durations for each section are: Its sections are placed in frames and the layers constituting the refrain are written separately, together with performance annotation. In the third movement, a twelve-note series built solely from intervals of a fourth and a fifth is introduced into the piano part thirteen times; it appears in its basic gamee eight times in the first section, and reappears in inverted form five times in the third section, while the middle section expressively enigmatic and made up of fragmented motifs is free from this dodecaphonic model.


Instruments are generally restricted to playing certain intervals within gigantic aggregates of two note chords. The performance was an incomplete version of the piece, minus the third movement.

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. A mood of anxiety is ushered in by string section chords leading to a small ljtoslawski halfway through the movement. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Ninateka – Three composers – Venetian Games for orchestra

It is the overlapping and piling on of these blocks ljtoslawski build it to a powerful climax. Except for section E, each subsequent refrain adds duration in multiples of 6 seconds. Views Read Edit View history. This term has been coined from the Greek word for “dice” meaning that chance elements are present in the music.

Symphonies; Concertos; Choral and Vocal Works. As Lutoslawski applied the idea, he frequently leaves to performers some of the choices that are normally dictated by the composer. The opening movement is divided into eight sections labeled from A to H.

The second movement, a short scherzo, is in traditional triple metre. This is obviously hard and difficult music for most listeners. Passages between sections are emphasized by sonorous percussion venteian. Even for experienced listeners, these blocks merge into a single sound of dense, shifting textures. Streams Videos All Posts.

Similar to the refrains, venehian instruments signal the beginning of these sections, which are composed of static soft string clusters.

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