Buy the Mackie SP 2×6 Speaker Processor at Full Compass. Offering sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing and system protection, the Mackie. The Mackie SP 2 x 6 Loudspeaker System Processor offers sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing, and system protection. It provides complete. Buy the Mackie SP at Get low pricing and free shipping on s of items, plus exceptional customer service!.

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You can adjust the system based on the venue and gear and be rest assured of achieving premium sound quality.

I can say that it Mqckie be hooked up balanced as it does become noisy when used single ended. Even amps in the same series can have different voltage gain s. Kay, you were one special lady.

For each output, you also get to choose input routing, from input A, input B, or a mono sum of both suitable for subwoofers or for sending a mono feed to the foyer. App and driver downloadable from the Mackie website.

Mackie SP and Peavey Vsx26

It should be 1. Suggestions A powerful processor is just begging to process something. The software auto-detects the SP and shows the current settings.

Dance to the radio. One of her subordinates was Jim Neighbors. Do it as well as you possible can. Logged Don Boomer Sr. The processor has 2 inputs that instantly connect your mix into a whole host of processing and routing capabilities.


Check out these Mackie passive loudspeakers. Movie of the Week There are 8 different types of filters available with varying degree of slope. I presume you mean his singing voice! Now, you can easily control the whole system regardless of how many boxes you have.

Getting total control over your system has never been easier. This is useful when using multiple SPs to drive delay stacks in really big venues. You will want to time align that signal for sure.

I’m amazed that they’re still selling them, unless new ones have fixed the issue. Jim Neighbors on February 27, At least that was her story These filters also allow you to roll off frequencies your speaker may not be able to handle. Applications Complete optimization for all Any size system can benefit from the powerful processing that the SP provides. Agreed, turning down the amp is the correct solution to the problem, but since a large chunk of the reason to use a DSP is for speaker protection, if I can’t leave the amps wide open then that feature is useless.

This allows you to turn up the subs for a bit more low end or get a little more volume to another zone without having to walk out and adjust the power amps. Guys, don’t blame the unit if you don’t understand how DSP’s are supposed to be set up.

Not seeing much real world use on the web and both fall within my current budget for a processor. It provides complete system optimization for both passive and powered systems.

Mackie Sp260 2×6 Loudspeaker System Processor

You will have created something. Just plug in your Windows laptop via the convenient front panel USB port to harness the power of the app.


March 02, The following types are available with slope choices in the first through 4th order: The smart design of the app is built around maximum workflow, so all processing elements for any input or output are viewable and controllable from a single screen. Use maackie the available input and output processing to optimize your system for the venue.

There was a version that had a hiss to it. It delivers everything you need to ap260 optimize loudspeaker systems of nearly any size.

Write a review tyaqefatbywzyqrdbcwasvtq. I own several and run a few large PA’s with it with no hiss issues at all. Everything is manageable with the SP This allows you to time-align drivers on stage to provide superior summing. The SP is a potent piece mackiw suits and protects your powered or passive PA.

Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply.

This allows you to setup for shows ahead of time or adjust things you’d like to improve for the next mackke. You can use it to create delay stacks down the street at a block party. Please check your local sales tax laws. A powerful processor is just begging to process something.

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