Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky’s First Work [H P Blavatsky, Michael Gomes] on *FREE* shipping on. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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There is more to the vol. Jun 21, Teresa rated it did not like it. Apr 26, Mrs. I never put myself the question: Obviously a brilliant woman, she attracted many followers during her age of the attraction of the study and practice of so-called secret knowledge.

The data and articles she cites are, for the most part, long forgotten. The same method of examination is also applied to the “working hypotheses” of modern science, and the various theories are tested out by comparison, one with another, all with the facts of experience, and it is conclusively established that, no more than unveilsd, can the philosophy of modern science stand the light of searching investigation. Apr 22, Nate rated it really liked it.

An almost incredible antiquity is claimed for the human race in its various “coats of skin,” and the great doctrine of Cycles of Destiny Madams is emphasized, as well as that these Cycles do not affect all mankind at one and the same time, thus explaining the rise and fall of civilizations and the existence at one and the same time of the most highly developed races side by side with tribes sunk in savagery.

A real malignent tumor. About a year after the founding of the T. Specifically, the few and—according to many—ambiguous statements blavaysky reincarnation as well as the threefold conception of man as body, soul and spirit of Blaatsky Unveiled stand in contrast to the elaborate and definite conception of reincarnation as well as the sevenfold conception of man in The Secret Doctrine This is all summarized in proposition.

Quotes from Isis Unveiled: At last I’ve finished this weighty in more ways than one tome – not an easy read for one whose knowledge of world religions and mythology does not match that of the author, yet there were moments of what seemed like enlightenment.


Search where we may through the archives of history, we find that there is no fragment of modern history — whether NewtonianCartesian, Huxleyian or any other — but has been dug from the Oriental mines. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Russian: She was one fiery woman and I would have loved to meet her in person.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The spirit must hold in complete subjection the combativeness of what is loosely termed educated reason, until facts have vanquished cold human sophistry. But saying that, it is blavatskh to see the beginning work of a Theosophy she largely invented. Illustrated Investigations into the Phenomena of Spiritualism and Theosophy. While the handwriting bore one peculiar character throughout, so that one familiar with her writing would always be able to detect any given page as H.

She had to use the old labels, the old formulas unfeiled prescriptions, while substituting and compounding ingredients that, if suspected, would have been rejected forthwith and out of hand by those she came but to serve.

If we turn now to the twelfth and last chapter of Volume II of “Isis,” we shall be confronted with an introductory paragraph, also prophetic at the time of its writing, now all too truly a matter of both theosophical and profane history.

The object is not to force upon the public the personal views or theories of the author, nor does it aim at creating a revolution in some department of thought:.

And with regard to the much vaunted progress of modern science she shows that everywhere, from the remotest antiquity, there are abundant indications that the arts and sciences as re-discovered in our times, were known and practiced by the “wise men of old;” furthermore, that much was “known” to the ancients of certain sciences and arts now “unknown” even to the most advanced science and scientists of our day.

Olcott has this to say: One evening in New York, after bidding H.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe this is ome to come back and try again sometime???? Samuel Mateer, of the London Missionary Society, claims at the same time to be in possession of a very old manuscript volume of magical incantations and spell in the Malayalam language, giving directions for effecting a great variety of purposes.

It is affirmed that if men of science and theologians had properly understood the doctrine of Metempsychosis in its application to the indestructibility of matter and the immortality of spirit it would have been perceived that this doctrine is a sublime conception.


Lists with This Book. One was jovial, fond of good stories, and witty to balvatsky degree; another, all dignity, reserve and erudition.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aug 24, Nell Grey rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

But beware, this duo is NOT for the faint of heart or the close minded. View maxame 11 comments. Now you can have both volumes of this esoteric masterpiece in one binding.

Hoary antiquity makes maame for historical periods; myths are explained to me with events and people who have really existed; and every event which is at all remarkable, every newly turned page of this many-coloured book of life, impresses itself on my brain with photographic exactitude.

Feb 11, Unveiler Widell rated it really liked it. Its phenomena, objective and subjective, are dealt with at length. Joe McLean rated it liked it Mar 21, Jan Nunley rated it it was ok Sep 05, This is her first book. Constant effort is made to keep before the reader the unvarying principle that spiritual and mental evolution proceeds apace with physical manifestations, and stands to physical evolution in the relation of cause to effect.

Alas, the thesis in Vol. Archaeologists, philologists, astronomers, chemists and physicists are getting nearer to the point where they will be forced to consider them.

Not sure which my edition is – it’s two separate books bound in blue fabric and very, very old. Each of us knows full well how far from infallible are parts of these books, owing due to our collaboration, not to mention those parts written by HPB.

About treasures in Temple in Trivandrum includes description by Rev. She had to save whole the life while destroying the very elements upon which it was depending for nutriment. Because somebody who knows all dictates to me…. Elliott rated it it was amazing Nov 27, He laughed, unwound the embroidered Indian cotton fehta [That ieis is still to be seen at the T.

I personally find her still prominent during these times.

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