Sri Madhwavijaya is the most sacred work which every Madhwa student should read compulsorily. Its chanting by-heart itself yields the benefits. Sri Madhwa Vijaya – (with English translation by Prof. V. Nadgouda) is published in PDF downloadable format: Excellences of Sumadhwa. Madhwa Vijaya or “The story of the victory of Madhva” is a biography of the great Dvaita philosopher Sri Madhvacharya. It is authored by Sri Narayana.

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Sri Madhva’s commentary on the Brahma Sootras stand as the twenty second. And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me. In desperation, therefore, they viuaya the personal library of Sri Madhva, which was left in the care of Sri Shankara, the younger brother of the royal poet Sri Trivikrama.

The grand procession in which Sri Acharya is surrounded by all people including the Royal devotee has been sominutely detailed in 25 verses from 16 to The beholders watched the development of affairs with intense interest. We record our appreciation of his co-operation.

H K Srinivasa Rao. The unseen Narayana explained that Sri Madhva was vijzya of expounding it fully, but he had done only a bit of it in engllsh with the capacity of the humans. Our Acharya takes a tour of all the holy places to impress upon us that pilgrimage is a necessary schedule to one’s studies. Impressions are not lasting in freshness until they are as well experienced. It will be beneficial to the devotees and scholars to know the life and works of such a great personality.

Still it could not be lifed. The verse in this Vrutta runs as follows: The idea is that enlightenment is a gift coming out of grace which a sishya should strive for, by selfless seva to the Guru. No doubt, we admit the existence of Iswara but hold that in the creation of this Jagat, Iswara is only an anga auxiliary to the Jada Prakriti Nature.


It starts with a description of the first two avatars of Vayu, namely Hanuman and Bhima.

सुमध्वविजय: Sri Sumadhva Vijaya

The entire universe is eternally dependent on Him. In verse 51, we see Sri Madhwa demonstrating a high ideal that one should relieve one’s parents of the difficulties that may arise in many forms. There are several beautiful verses in the Kavya bearing subtle meanings which are not only pleasing but also vijaja away our minds from the cares of life.

The poet pathetically says Indeed their intrinsic learning seemed to separate them even though assembled in one place. Sri Krishna fijaya come from Dwaraka among the clods of the ship’s ballast.

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Sri Madhva ordered it to be carried with care to his Mutt. Verse after verse flowed like honey, sweet and pithy.

Sumadhwa Vijaya – English

The Devataas felt happy when they saw Sri Madhva of moonlike face and lotus-like eyes and endowed with thrity-two marks of divine beauty, Jnaana and Vairagya, fully engrossed in Veda-Gnana. All this was achieved in a short time for, it is said: A perusal of the full summary of this poem given below will be quite profitable. Some of these may vijwya stated here. After vijjaya great Mahabharatha war, there arose a confused situation vijays as the ideas of attributeless God.

Tradition has it that Sri Madhva was eenglish much attracted towards this enchanting smiling Divya Mangala Moorthy, that he made a reference to this Moorthy in his famous Dwadasha stotra: Sri Madhva possessed super human strength.

It was indeed a rare sight to see a crowned King prostrating before an uncrowned King not because of any forced circumstances but because of the natural impulse that the Ruler of men felt in the presence of the Ruler of hearts. Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya was a famous advaita exponent of his time and converted himself to the Madhva faith after disputation with Sri Madhvacharya himself for 7—8 days in Kasargod of Kerala. Sri Madhva’s visit to Badari is worth emulating by all. Give me some pieces thereof.


Sri Madhwavijaya – with English translation

The Paravidya which is Vishnu Bodhaka thus getting clouded, the satwic souls the bhAgavathas were in a mental turmoil not knowing what to do having been caught in the whirl of ignorance all round. The Moon would reveal the sky, but Sri Madhva the Purnapragnya, would reveal the sat. The word “vaikuNTha” is taken as the Loka by that name and also the land where the Lord Vaikuntha resides. Complimenting his son for having given a correct import, Madhya Geha’s heart went to Lord Ananteshwara whose special blessings was the secret reason for his son shining in wisdom verses The atmaikya doctrine is rejected.

Click here SMV parayana by Vidyabhusana: The boy’s response was splendidly wonderful.

The poet next describes how the Gandharvas sang in the celestial courts. Oh most powerful Bheema, we salute you. His another poem Parijataharana is in Yamaka alankara. For they are like the cart-loads of straw in a cultivated paddy field.

The greatest Bhaghvan of mahva whole world, Sri Madhva, showed himself as the humblest Bhaktha. Persons having cijaya of values would naturally admire Sri Ramachar when he bends even some of the stiff slokas so beautifully.

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