The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey. The series revolves around the character Aurian, after whom. To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts. Her dormant powers are. The Artefacts of Power book series by Maggie Furey includes books Aurian, Harp of Winds, Sword of Flame, and several more. See the complete Artefacts of.

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The Artefacts of Power – Wikipedia

Mingling climates are causing unrelenting rains or deadly droughts, while warlike races are preying mercilessly on the helpless and meek. This article about a s fantasy novel is a stub.

We’ll base this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Posted on Friday, March 21st, In order to reach their goal, however, they must overcome treachery, intrigue, and evil — and a mysterious figure from the past whose actions threaten to tear the Shadowleague apart. When Miathan discovers — from his Healer, before even Aurian and Forral know — that Aurian is pregnant, he makes secret plans to abort the child.

Aurian, the child of renegade Mages, finds herself sent to the city of Nexis maggis join the Artifacfs and then train as a full Mage.

In addition, whilst there is one key character whose destiny will affect the future of the whole world. But when a sparring accident comes close to killing Aurian, and Forral’s only chance to save her is to ride to the city of Nexis and fetch the Healer from the Mage’s Academy, Aurian’s existence comes to the attention of the Archmage, Miathan.


When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. She has failed to master the Sword of Flame, her only defence against the forces of evil.

The world of Myrial is racing toward apocalypse. Eliseth seizes the Sword, only to discover she cannot wield it and it is not until the final battle with Eliseth after Miathan has been killedthat Aurian is able to claim it.

It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there? Meriel the Healer goes mad when her soulmate is killed and causes the deaths of quite a few people before being killed herself.

The Artefacts of Power

This encouragement is what kept her going even when she had to work as a legal secretary — one of the worst jobs she ever held. To be brief, artivacts goes like this: Even as they live in the cold woods, they rule over the mortal humans who have never concealed their hatred and contempt of the Mage. It’s not a nuanced and mature handling of the topic, a la Jacqueline Carey, but it certainly reflects a savvy wit on Furey’s artifactz. The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey.

She was born with a rare heart condition that made it impossible for her to be physically active during her childhood. Armies furdy, and men and women must choose sides in the mighty conflict for control of the world and the Artefacts of Power! The lead character is Aurian, the child of the renegade Mage.

Artefacts of Power Series

Despite its hard-to-find nature, the novel has been garnering good reviews ever since it was released. Retrieved from ” https: These are two people who are to the point where they have nothing left, but artifscts gives the other reasons to keep fighting. Maggie Furey is a British author of a number of beloved, long-in-print fantasy series. As such, when other children were out climbing trees and riding bikes, she found solace by sailing with the Amazons and Swallows and winning races with Jill and her horses.


I have to if I loved the way Furey combined the tropes of both fantasy and romance so that the one effectively served to comment satirically upon the other.

Aurian (Artifacts of Power, book 1) by Maggie Furey

Featuring gladiatorial arenas, telepathic cats, scheming women, mages, and corrupt artifaccts, the novels will transport the reader back to the good old days when women used to wear chain mail or robes, and fight with swords.

Languages Svenska Edit links. It must be found before his od is discovered. I did a degree in English and History in the late 90s as a mature student, but I’ve loved these subjects since my school days. I am a participant in the Amazon Europe S. Knowing she must defeat Eliseth, who controls the Cauldron of Rebirth, without destroying the world, Aurian is faced by many dilemmas before she finally reaches the ancient Dragon City of Dhiammara. For they must first locate the heart of Myrial, where the secret for undoing this disaster resides.

The Skyfolk have abandoned their long isolation and the Xandim prepare for their last great ride. Now, millennia later, only the human Mages survived, and the Fureey were lost.

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